Are you building these 7 Dangerous Stalactites?


We don’t live in caves anymore, so don’t be a stalactite.

For anyone with a normal belief in gravity and the ability of things to fall, you probably have a fear like I do. We try not to push our luck too much by avoiding caves. However, for those of you who have faced that possible fear, as I finally did a couple years ago,     WOOHOO !

You may have seen stalactites hanging down from cave ceilings.  Some can be quite beautiful, delicate and ancient. They are built by the slight impurities in the natural waters that drip through the cave ceiling.  Like the tea or coffee stain in your unwashed cup after a couple days of using it, you begin to see a nasty layer of sediment.  Well, the stalactites hanging down is that same “layer” that is built up and begins to gain substance over time. (Maybe now would be a great time to go wash out that coffee mug at work before it gets a funky growth in it!)


It is the “resistant” impurities that leave a potentially dangerous experience, while the fresh clean water continues to run and flow.

That resistant thought (usually the chemical “EGO”) can build up and slow down our Flow, like a clogged straw.

7 Dangerous Stalactites that may be building in your life:

  • “I can’t do that, I’m not smart (or old or young or rich) enough.”
  • “They shouldn’t be doing that. That’s not right.”
  • “When such and such happens, THEN I’ll be happy.”
  • “My doctor, or my family, or my friend says….so it must be true“.
  • “I want to do it, but…”
  • “I’ve always been…”
  • “If I was only more like…”

These are resistant thoughts to our very own flow of Greatness and Daily Inspiring Energy.

We’ve got to find a daily way to clear those residual thoughts, those that are resistant to our very own flow.  Do not become dangerously rigid and breakable like a stalactite. Remember Gravity? Something’s bound to make you break or fall apart.

And besides, who wants to stay in a cave?

Stay with your Source of Energy, your flow of Greatness.

Keep moving, leave the cave, and increase your experience of life and what it has to offer out there.