You Super Sperm, You!

Your #1 Power is your Ability and Willingness to focus your energy.

Remember the first time you really focused your energy? Well, technically only ½ of “you” did it. Perhaps that is where I should have have started any discussion about our momentum in life, at the beginning of where our physical bodies started. Out of about 200,000,000 sperm released, only one makes its way into the egg. That my friend was YOU!


Oh, you should see the video. You had such momentum. You were amazing. (And you say you can’t swim!) The challenges that some of you made it thru, over and around is amazing. A lot of you, (wink, wink) and you know who you are, surprised quite a few people with your alignment, focus and endurance!   You REALLY wanted to be here.

Just to show up for The Big Show. To be here now. You wanted to chase your dreams. You still did even when you were a little kid, too, remember that?

You can almost go back and remember hearing all the other slower sperm listening to each other saying “hey, there’s millions of us… what makes YOU so special… you’ll never make it… it’s too hard” (ouch, pardon the pun).


Different places, different faces, but it’s the same story. There’s probably still another million around you complaining and saying the same thing… “It’s too tough… no-one can do that… follow us for security…don’t go that way… or maybe I’ll feel better and really try tomorrow night.

Well, he wasn’t around “tomorrow night” and his dream was lost. But remember, it’s not just him that lost out- it’s the world that just lost his ideas, her dream, her books, her wit, his music, his story-telling, his ideas, or her smiles.

However- YOU made it, and the world does get a chance to see yours.

You owe it to the rest of the world- to share your ideas, your laughter, your creativity, your solutions, your heart and mind, your YOU!   Your Abilities.  YOUR GREATNESS!

About 2,700 years ago Buddha said “With our thoughts we make our world.”  Henry Ford phrased it, more recently, like this “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right!”  From the very beginning of time, and the beginning of your life, energy and willingness to focus have always preceded action and physical manifestation.

These are not secrets smelling of metaphysical meadow flowers, moon-pies and rainbows. Nope.

Look at just a small part of Napoleon Hill’s list of millionaires he interviewed, during the early 1900’s, that attested their success to the Power of Positive Thinking –

  • Three U.S. Presidents ( William Taft, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt)
  • Thomas Edison
  • John D. Rockefeller
  • F.W. Woolworth
  • Henry Ford
  • Wilbur Wright
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • John Wanamaker.

There’s a reason that the idea lives through the centuries. There’s a reason that even though Science, Psychology, and Cultures have changed countless times over thousands of years, this idea still rings true. There’s a reason that this timeless “Secret” is still being told, and that it has resonated with so many billions of people thru time on their search for a happier, healthier and wealthier life.

You are what you think about. You exists. It exists.  Period.


Question: Do you think those other sperm next to you had the same abilities as you?