Dehydrated or Juiced?

It’s 2:30 am. I’m watching late night TV and there’s a good mix of wrappers and bags around me and the sofa. I flip to Channel 157 and see someone with a very healthy and bouncy figure showing off the New Improved, Power 3 Layer Rolling Action, Ionic Quantum Juicer. Its so flashy, and easy and efficient and gets me 100% of the nutrient without all that bulk. She goes on to tell me that it:

  • Increases my absorb-able organic nutritional values from the food
  • Takes that juice anywhere, and so versatile.
  • WOW, It’ll save me so much time, and improve my vitality and even my sex life.
  • But Wait- I ALSO get,not 6, but ALL 16 Free Attachments! No way, someone pinch me!
  • Quick,where’s my charge card? Only four short days till it got here – the excitement was pulpable.  Pardon me, palpable.

law of attraction, fruit you attract

Feeling satiated and done for the night- I just happened to then flip the channels and there on channel 171 they were selling- oh you should have seen it! It was the Z480 Infra-Red LED Home Fruit 360 Rotational Dehyrdrater. OMG. An equally bubbly brunette was showing me all the goods-

  • With its brushed alloy Thermal Inducers
  • Amazing 12 SelfClenZing (patented) Surfaces
  • and even designed for ease in my very own kitchen!
  • This would finally allow me to get rid of that drippy, sticky juicy mess and be able to take all 15 mangoes to the kid’s soccer game in a single bag.
  • I could now take those bananas into the movie theater without receiving all those strange glances.
  • How can I pass that up, my life will be so easy and clean. Quick, where’s my wife’s charge card?

A week later both showed up.  I was excited and ready.

But then it hit me.  What do I do with all my fruit? Am I supposed to Juice them, or am I supposed to Dehydrate them?  Because of my own free will, I had bought two machines with totally opposite purposes, and confused myself!

Well, before I tell you what I did – let me ask you- what do you do with your fruit? What you do with your fruit probably depends on the channel you are watching, or tuned in to most recently.

That’s LIFE, my friends. What do you do with all the incredible fruit that is given to you, that you encounter, or that shows up in your buffet called Life?

Your nourishment, your personal choices, your perceptions, your “ease”, all depend upon what channel you choose to watch or listen to.

Oh by the way, my fruit? What did I end up doing? I neither juiced nor dehydrated the fruit. I ended up confused and procrastinated.

However, two nights later, I changed channels and bought the Epic Bacon Encrusted Italian Pressing Atomizer that infuses the taste of Aged Country Smoked Bacon into whatever food I want.  It’s incredible.  Woo-Hoo!

Change your channel.

What STORY has your focus?  Are you happy with what it has offered you, or is it time to see what else is out there and flip to a new channel?