Thermodynamics and Toast Get Into The Flow

My Toaster hit me today. OK, not literally, but it did give me my toast and an inspiration this morning.

The 2nd law of Thermodynamics says that as energy transfers or decreases, entropy increases.  Entropy is just the “distribution” of energy as it goes from one concentrated place to spread outward as it gets further from its source.

Like a popped balloon- a pin will allow the concentrated air inside the balloon to instantly spread outward to the less concentrated air outside the balloon. You just don’t see the opposite – a balloon inflating itself after a pin poke!

Stay with me… 

In my toaster- Entropy increased as the energy went from a highly concentrated 1/4″ red house wire to the cold toaster heater elements to the bread to the cold air next to the toaster and then to my face or hands next to toaster. In each process the Energy was further from it’s source, and the “disorder” of the energy increased. It is ONLY the “disordered” or “less concentrated” energy that my lips and hands can safely come in contact with. After all, I’m not about to try to nibble on the fuse box at the house!

energy flow

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You just don’t see a toaster cook bread from my energy. Energy always flows from a higher concentration to a lower one.

Concentrated Pure Life Energy wants to flow to the less concentrated form that is called YOU.

Whatever label you feel comfortable with; Universal Consciousness, God, Spirit, Inner Voice, Pure Positive Potentiality, Soul, Infinite Intelligence or Source Energy, IT IS THE ENERGY THAT POWERS ALL.

It’s all about Entropy.  The allowance of Energy to spread to something less concentrated. Source energy wants to expand, and each of us is a channel, just as a toaster is for man-made energy.  The toaster just gets into it’s Flow. So can you.

When you feel Inspiration or Insight, Clarity or an “AHA” moment, or Creativity or Appreciation – you have felt that Entropy. That Energy flows through you.

When you feel Joy, Enthusiasm or Love you have allowed your toaster to be ON and allowed a pure concentrated energy to flow to a less concentrated channel.

  • Well, how come I don’t feel it all the time?
  • Why do I feel lonely, afraid, or tired if I am this channel for such an energy?
  •  How come it feels like my toaster isn’t even plugged in sometimes?!!
  •  Stay tuned for more blogs to come…


Question-  Why does my toaster only get into the flow when the TOAST button is pushed?