The Healing Power of Humor, by Allen Klein

One word summary for the book-  Lighthearted.

Almost every page has a joke, story or anecdote (that I would guess from the 1950’s thru the 1970’s), but they still made me smile. (However, I’ve got a wife that’s hella’ funny, so I’ve got high standards!)  There were actually a few anecdotes in here that I really did laugh at, and added to my own “dead-party space filler” material.

I would call this book “Norman Cousins, Anatomy of an Illness” LITE. – 90% less Science calories, but the same great taste.

A few gag-reels that I kept from this comedy education:

  • Humor can be used to reset priorities and focus, no matter what the subject.
  • Techniques that can be used to add levity when you want, or need to.
  • To allow laughter is to help heal.
  • The real power of laughter is that it momentarily shifts our focus outwardly.

The book is a very LITE read, and one that you could read, and put down, in 5 or 15 minute intervals without losing any concepts. For anyone wanting to add some levity around people that just don’t have any, this might just be a Humor 101 Textbook to start with.

Read the book and get a few zingers. Get a few ideas and then share them with the world, please. Maybe even better, have an adult beverage or two and then read it. You’ll laugh and begin to heal yourself from whatever was ailing you.  Read two pages and call your doctor in the am. You’ll feel better, and isn’t that the whole purpose?