The Secret to “Life’s A Drag”

Sitting here and enjoying my drink, my seat suddenly begins to shimmy a little, and then shake a little more. I grab my drink.

The airplane has changed directions and slowed down as we make our final approach to our destination.   We’ve all been there and felt that sudden change in Momentum.

Have you ever actually wondered about HOW an airplane slows down? Where are its brakes?

Heading for Umbrella Drinks..

Brakes? Against what?

We don’t “see” what an airplane is creating friction against. We have to use our brains, or luckily – let the experts use theirs!   (I’ll have another drink, thank-you.)

Science has learned about the forces needed for flight, such as lift, weight, thrust and drag.  By adjusting the wing louvers, and slowing down air over the top of the wing, the plane increases its drag, and it slows down.

The plane experiences a resistance to flow and a loss of momentum in the process.

Sound familiar?   Sound like our lives?   You betcha!

Here’s The Whole Secret – You and your own thoughts determine your drag!

  • There is less resistance until the pilot has a thought that creates resistance for the plane.
  • The plane raises its flaps and creates resistance out of “nothing visible” to others.
  • You may not see what the resistance is, but you sure do “feel” it.
  • We all “raise a flap” and create a change in our own momentum.
  • As your plane changes it’s momentum, the view from your window changes!
  • We are the pilot and the plane, and our adjustable louvers are our thoughts.

Another person’s actions/comments or even a lack of action/comment from another person, maybe re-playing our own past experiences, or just our own secret feelings – are all “nothing” to bystanders watching, but inside our own plane, the friction is felt and very real.

Every one of our thoughts can become “a drag” that slows down and changes our momentum, our altitude and what we see going by.

Most importantly- happily remember that the opposite is also true!

By decreasing drag, by having thoughts that feel less like friction, we can gain altitude and soar. Enjoy the ease, the clarity and the inspiration from flying higher. Be In The Flow and look out upon the stars.

Are you flying where you want?

Are you seeing what you want to see on your journey?


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    • Thanks, You are so right! I’ll be blogging about How to Keep Your Momentum Going in the direction of those big dreams. Good luck with your Design work that you do.


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