Did you hear the secret to the Energy Crisis?

Dr.Peter Diamandis discusses the world energy “crisis” and points out that “Scarcity is contextual” in this inspiring 17 minute TED video at . Check it out.

Peter says that “It’s not about [energy] being scarce – its about accessability.”  For example, he points out that we may be a planet covered in water, yet we engage in water wars that “fight over a half of a percent of the water on the planet.”  It’s all about perception which leads to accessibility.

I would like to take his idea one step further.    I believe we have a Positive Energy “Crisis” that falls into the same scenario.

energy 2 whirl


Although we are all made of “the stuff”, the same Source of Positive Energy, IT seems to be scarce sometimes.   Label IT whatever you feel comfortable with; Consciousness, Higher Being, Lord Brahma, Soul, Electromagnetic Holograms, the Tao, Grids and the Vortex, God, Quantum Morphic Fields, Cosmic Code or Mind, Allah, Intuition,Your Inner Voice, Super String Theory, there’s been limitless names for IT.

We only have to adjust our focus to “discover” our Accessibility to end the “crisis”. 

  • We ALL have the Power, but we get distracted from our Accessibility.
  • When you can’t find a wall socket, you can’t plug in and no one likes the dark.
  • Life is just about feeling around until you find your own energy socket.
  • You don’t have to plug in where everyone else does because most likely that socket isn’t producing the kind of Positive Energy that serves you best!
  • When there’s more light, there’s more answers found.

There are as many ways to access your own Positive Energy as there are people alive. We each have our own Perspectives, Likes/Dislikes, Abilities, History, Searches, Ideas, Tools, and Momentums that all become sockets into that Energy source.

Merge with it and tap into it in your own way.  Allow it out.

When you discover your own Accessibility you find there is no Positive Energy crisis at all.



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