I can’t drive 5.5!

The traffic just won’t budge. Oh to be anywhere else but here. Sitting on a freakin’ highway with a full bladder and somewhere to pee, I mean BE!   What kind of yo-yo is up there holding us all back, anyway?


You’ve probably been there at least once, or 10 times this week, right?

Sorry.  (Not that I was the yo-yo up there holding everybody else up….)  That frustration of being in a car that has a speedometer that goes ABOVE 5 mph, and not getting to use it- ARGHHH!

That’s our Passion speaking. We have limitless energy when our Passion is involved. Most of the time we live at about 15 mph, and feel frustrated that we aren’t letting OUR REAL ENERGY out. We don’t feel fully engaged with our motor revved up to that particular vibration, that motor purrrrrr, that we know is in there!  Sadly, a lot of the time we feel stuck with no momentum, and we can’t even see what’s blocking it.

Also, did you ever notice that when you sit in a parked car, it’s just about impossible to turn the wheels? You have to be moving just to be able to turn the wheels and have some kind of directional change.

Oh, we all might seem busy, getting pushed along. (Moooo).  In fact, most of us have earned our Master’s Degree of E.B.B. (Experts at Being Busy).  Some of us even feel the busier we are, the more “worthy” we are, right?

  • But are you Happy with the direction your momentum is taking you?
  • Are you Joyful about the life you lead and where you go every day?
  • Do you get to feel that Passion fire up your motor and push those speed limits?
  • Do you want “busy points” or do you want Happy, Joyful and Passion?

momentum lane

The whole secret is that MOMENTUM ALLOWS ORCHESTRATION.  

If you’re sitting in a parked car, you will never get to where you want to go.

When you gain Momentum, you gain Orchestration of your life.


More to come this week on how to do just that!!  Stay tuned, and have a great week!