7 Game Changing Mistakes

Over the last couple of years, I’ve enjoyed re-learning life, and Chess.

However, there’s three painful things I’ve learned about Chess.

  • My wife is way better at it than I am.
  • Losing is not the funnest way to learn the game.
  • It’s too late to do anything about it when she glows, moves a piece proudly and says “Checkmate“. There is no more momentum. Deal with it and start a new game.

I guess it’s only after I lose a game that I start thinking.  How or When did I actually lose the game? My most common 7 mistakes if life, I mean chess:

  1. Did I feel too threatened early in the game, and feel forced to give up MY plan of attacking the game?
  2. Did I ever even have a game plan (besides “winging it”) or was I only responding, and letting her momentum lead me, turn after turn?
  3. Did I just slowly get “downsized” because I wasn’t willing to take any risks?
  4. Did I spend all my energy protecting and trying to hold on to all my pieces out of fear?
  5. Was it a smaller move, un-checked (bad pun,sorry) that then snowballed with unnoticed momentum?
  6. Or maybe, just maybe, (as even my fingers cramp and resist typing the words…) she’s just Better at chess than me, (ouch), and I need to focus my energies on a different game.
  7. Most importantly- how much time and energy in my life today, do I want to spend looking in my rear view mirror at a bump in the road?
earlier today

Checkmate?!! How???

After I hear “Checkmate”, I find my mental chatter getting wrapped up in an endless conversation that goes something like this… “If I had just moved that one pawn differently then this might not have happened, because she might have moved her pawn, and then I could have moved my bishop. But then again, if she had taken the offense and attacked my bishop then I would’ve had to counter-attack with my knight. But then, maybe she would’t do the same move again, and then…”

The scenarios are endless….  I could get a serious brain cramp trying to figure it all out! There I sat for hours talking to myself.  (I’ll take the white, size 9, straight jacket. No starch, please..)

That is what a lot of us do our whole life. We spend days, years, and even decades talking over a “Loss of a game” or about some Event we didn’t want to happen.

Meanwhile, we give today’s energy away and we start the same 7 mistakes all over again. 

Life needs more care than your hair.  Don’t just Rinse, Lather, Repeat day after day! 

Win More Games!   Have More Daily Fun:

  • Envision and Feel for what YOU want out of life.
  • Attack Life with your game plan, don’t just respond to someone else’s momentum.
  • Take Risks and Let go of Fear.
  • Your windshield is larger than your rear-view mirror so use it more often!!
  • Know what your talents are and where to put your energy.
  • Learn to Look for “un-checked Momentum” (read more).

It’s a new day. Set up your pieces and play your best game. There’s lots of games and lots of time, so relax and enjoy.

Remember, you’re supposed to be playing this whole game for the fun in it.