5 Simple Inertia Crushers

Coffee Barista, your little tip bucket is our HERO!

Sitting there with little Flowers and Happy Faces, with the words “We’re NOT afraid of CHANGE” written on it.

Oh to be that happy and brave!

Unlike the tip jar, most of us are afraid of change.  Well, let’s be honest. We are NOT so much afraid of change, as we are just uncomfortable with it. Why?  Because it goes against our frequency, our rhythm, our Momentum we have going.

That, my friend, is Inertia.

Inertia, (Newton’s 1rst Law of Motion), says that “Every object in a state of uniform motion, tends to remain in that state unless an external force is applied to it.”  In other words, Every thing moves as it does until an outside force causes change. Sound like anyone you know?

The boulder sits until a force pushes it. The apple falls until it is stopped by the force of the ground.  Your habit, your Momentum, your Thought, remains the same until a new force is added.

Water leak? yeah, I’ll fix it later….

Let’s face it, change (Forces) will always happen.  When they do, we are upset at the Force. But, honestly, the discomfort is only because of how a Force affected our individual Momentum in variables such as our Thoughts, Opinions and Lifestyles.

There are Outside Forces that will always throw a hiccup in our Momentum. They might be one of these:

  • Your boss– “do this quicker and we have a new policy and a different procedure”.
  • Your spouse, family, pet or friends – “don’t do this, we need or want that”.
  • Politics, Economy, Legal system… “you’re NOT doing that in THIS state,  not at THAT Speed, and you’ll need to pay a permit tax on that.” They’re not shy about exerting a force.
  • The Weather-  enough said.

I just gotta’ ask though, Why not feel the power of crushing your own Inertia?  TODAY wouldn’t you love to know that YOU chose to be the Force that brought the changes in life that you wanted?

  1. Appreciate all of your Opportunities, ie Social Media.  Advertise yourself and your views. As we all share views, WE are all creating new Forces in the world from a grassroots foundation!   
  2. Adjust your Perception, and your perception of other’s perceptions. ” I can’t do that, I’ve never been good at that.” OR “They think I’m this, so I should…”
  3. Change your own Habits, before something else makes you do it!
  4. Face your Fears – “I can’t do that.” OR “I’ve never been good at that.”
  5. Harness and practice your Will Power.  There’s a reason the word “Power” is added!   You get to decide when you’ve had enough and want more of something better!

For the Momentum (read more) that you WANT in your life – are you WILLING to add or bust some Inertia, in order to CREATE the changes you want?

Or- are you waiting to be acted upon by an outside Force?

Either way – Changes Are Happening.


(Image is one of many underwater sculptures by Jason de Caires Taylor.)

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