The “F” words.

OK, a simple summertime lesson at the expense of Momentum Mikey. Don’t leave a DVD out in the hot sun. It can warp or bend easily after too much direct sunshine.    (Sorry honey, this means no more Anne of Green Gables video. hee-hee-hee)

But what would happen if, say, I “accidentally” left a different DVD in the freezer?  Not so easily bent, but it sure could SNAP and break.  (no more Little Women DVD, boo-hoo)

So, why was the heated item so easily bent, but the frozen one harder to bend until it just “accidentaly” snapped and broke?

Well, it’s the F-word.  (NO, not the same “F word” that my wife just yelled when she heard about this experiment.)   This is all about Frequency.

The changes made were possible because of the atom frequency. Remember that Heat is only a change in atomic vibrational frequency.  When you heat it up, you apply a new speed or momentum to the atoms.  An increase in heat, or atomic momentum, usually provides an easier change in that material.  Just like us, hang in there…

Think of a simple thing like water.  Slow down the atoms and you get ice, pretty hard to bend.   Apply some heat, add Momentum to it’s atoms, and it turns into a very bendable shape like water that easily changes shape.  Add even more Momentum, and you’ll make it steam which is even easier to move and change shape than in its liquid form, right?

Remember Momentum allows Orchestration. When there is little Momentum going, things aren’t as malleable. Instead of bending, or flowing, they can SNAP, or Break.  Again, like us.

If we have no, or very little, Momentum going, no Orchestration is allowed. When a Force (read more) is applied that goes directly against us, we don’t have that “give”, that ability to bend to a small force.

We Feel it as a slight discomfort, like Friction against our own Flow. Very rarely do we smile while yielding to a Force.

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Now you understand the science behind our last F-Word. Friday. While NOT at work, most of us get to tap into our own Momentum that we’ve had moving for decades!  We get to do “our thing”, what we care about. We allow that larger, deeper Momentum of things that stir OUR passions. What “warms” our spirits and hearts.

Then, suddenly, that deep moving and enjoyable Momentum of ours is brought to a screeching halt and thrown into the freezer on Monday am.   (a loud BOO-HISS, and another F-word is murmured among the crowd.)

Monday comes and most people have to put the brakes on their own Momentum and WHO they really are.  For a lot of people, Monday comes and they have to attend to someone else’s Momentum, someone else’s dream in the building.

There you go, the science behind why Monday’s suck, and why Friday’s feel so good!

In upcoming posts, we’ll chat about how to avoid this frozen Momentum, and when TOO much Momentum can be quite harmful.

Until then, pay attention to those F Words!

(Disclaimer- NO DVDs were actually harmed in the making of this post. All DVD scenarios were actually fictitious and only enjoyed mentally by Momentum Mikey.)



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  1. Dear Momentum Mikey, You are a very good writer. You explain the Law of Attraction in detail and make it easy for newbies to understand. You’re also very funny. I needed to hear this because now I get momentum and I know that I can control what I am vibrating. For some reason, The other law of attraction speakers weren’t explaining it clearly to me but you did and I FINALLY GOT IT!!!! Thank you so much! 🙂 I love your post and I look forward to reading!


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