Habits are like a dusty can of Fish Assholes

“How do my habits relate to what I’m “Purchasing” in my life?” 

(Usually if a reader poses a question, it means there’s bound to be others responding with similar feelings. So, in response I’d like to take the time to address the question on today’s blog. It was in response to the Are You Purchasing Chaos? posting.)

From a Purchaser’s point of view – Habits are like Dead Stock in your Warehouse, (or your kitchen pantry). They are items that were brought in, but now weeks, or years later, they just get in the way.  It’s like those old cans of beans or sauerkraut (or worse!) that you bought a while ago, but now are the food you would gladly give away when a Food Drive comes around.20140718_133822

If you are aware  and appreciate the daily happiness each of them brings to you then Excellent!  The problem comes when we aren’t aware that we are “working around” concepts or “baggage” from weeks or years ago. We stack up new stuff in front of,on top of, and all around- but just never get rid of the old idea.

Next thing you know the shelf or pantry is full of 20140731_045934unrecognized, or unwanted “inventory” and there’s little room for growth or new ideas coming in. “Clarity” becomes a foreign word. You may be vaguely aware of the mess, ugh, but who wants to tackle it, right?

Tackle it this way.  IF what you are doing on a daily basis isn’t bringing what you want, then DON’T use it.   And at the very least, STOP Purchasing more of it!

Most of us spend too much of our energy reaching around, behind, and shuffling “stuff” that gets in our way of happiness.

See it and Recognize it. Celebrate Recognizing it for what it is – USELESS OLD INVENTORY- before throwing it out of your life! The financial and emotional carrying cost of old, un-addressed Inventory is “detri-mental = detritus of the mind”, I’d call it.

When I was Purchasing for a career, it could take me quite some time trying to figure out WHY something came into the warehouse from long ago. How did it get here?  When and on What truck?  Why would I have bought that?  I certainly don’t want that now!  It doesn’t fit what I need today, etc…

Here’s the secret…

Don’t waste your present time and energy trying to figure it all out!

  • You don’t think like you did back then when it came into your life.
  • You no longer see all of the parameters that were around you when those Purchases were made.
  • You don’t Want to focus like that again, do you?
  • You can’t drive forward using your Rear-view mirror, right?

A personal example in my life, my own can of Fish Assholes, told me that “I’m not smart enough.”  I have no idea when I started thinking I wasn’t “smart-enough”, but I’ve been carrying around that baggage, that I allowed into my Life’s warehouse at some point.  I hadn’t even noticed all the jobs and opportunities that I was afraid to take because of that dusty old thought inventory that I was working around! Until recently, I wasn’t even AWARE of that Dead Stock sitting there getting in my way of what I wanted for my future! Cleaning the shelf, I decide to throw that one out, and replace it with new inventory like “I know what I need to know precisely when I need to know it.”  One item off the shelf, couple dozen more to clean out!  WOO-HOO !

How much dead stock do we all continue to work around on a daily basis?   The comedic Swami Beyondananda (Steve Bhaerman) says “When you find yourself on a vicious cycle, for goodness sakes, stop pedaling!”

So STOP.   Look at your Life’s Warehouse and the Inventory in it.

Do you have Unwanted Inventory that you just keep working around?



2 thoughts on “Habits are like a dusty can of Fish Assholes

  1. Excellent post. I do suggest also asking what you may have learned from the old habit. Everything happens for a reason, nothing is completely random. By examining the difference between where we were when we used that old habit, and where we are now, we can plot out the roadmap of our past. And like any road map, when you see where you have been, it’s possible to see where you are going next.


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