10 reasons to Transcend your Split Ends

“WOW- Look at you!  Your hair looks Fantastic! Did you just step out of a salon?”

Oh, the feeling that little follicle, that grows from our skin, can give us! Our version of plumage that we use to attract a mate, or to display character.

Some folks may decide to skip the shower, the shave, or the make-up in the morning. But no one skips at least a precursory look at their hair!

Every morning, day after day, we give ourselves a daily amount of time for showering, shaving, makeup and THE HAIR.  Creating and refreshing so you look HOT!  (or, at least warm and with a pulse!)

You’ve given THEM something to focus on and admire, but you’ve ignored the most attractive, and important, aspect about you.   YOU.

You might spend 30 minutes or more showering, shaving or doing your hair, but do you give the same time to shining your Spirit, the Real Essence of who YOU are?20140726_060417_Richtone(HDR)

Connect with that energy that makes you YOU. Focus on something Positive. Meditate or Pray. Feel Appreciation. Remind Yourself of the Greatness that is in YOU. Remind yourself to Look For That in other people.

Give YOU the same, if not Better care, than you do for your hair follicles!

  1. Healthy Shine – When you get in touch with the Inner Self, the bigger YOU- you automatically Shine. (2nd Law of Thermodynamics)  Your Greatness Flows through you and you shine like a beacon, when you simply allow it.
  2. Healthy Growth – Continue to ask questions, learn, and follow your intuition. Learn from whatever source speaks best to you.
  3. Style –  You are Unique. Understand and Appreciate the ways that only you express your talents, perceptions, life experiences and thoughts.
  4. Fortified and Protection – There is nothing more powerful. The energy that has made Universes “has your back” and is certainly enough to fortify you on those tough days. If you connect with it.
  5. Lift – (Is there ANY bigger Uplifter?)  Just a few minutes of focused thought every morning will provide you with enough lift, you’ll wonder why you went flat and lifeless for so many years!
  6. Flexible – By focusing on bigger pictures and becoming optimistic you increase your ability to see more and clearer options in most scenarios.
  7. Extra Volume and Healthy Bounce – Feel that youthful Energy of life again, and appreciate Being Alive!  Tapping into the simplicity and beauty of it all alleviates apathy and puts a huge bounce in your step.
  8. Eliminates Frizz–  You lose that tendency to feel frazzled, all Frizzed out at the end of the day. Daily add that inner sense of Calm. You will KNOW that you can handle anything. You are reminded of what really matters and what to shift your focus to.
  9. Roots–  What else would you want to be rooted in?  What better foundation than your own Secure and Infinite Soul, your Life’s Source Energy!
  10. Add some Color –  Add some ZIP!  Daily revitalize your Energy, your Passions, your Life, your Relationships.  Feel the spark that IS YOU! Know you have Greatness in you, like everyone else. YOURS is just as Alive as anyone’s, when you allow it. Look for those colors, and topics, and passions that just POP out, they just grab your attention for some reason.  Act on them.

For Fuller Body and Life –  Every morning – Meditate or Pray. Focus on Positivity. Appreciate. Look Inward. Simply Recognize YOUR OWN Greatness.  And tomorrow, Repeat.

If you’re going to Rinse, Lather, Repeat every day, include your Spirit. Instead of just giving everybody else a glowing, full bodied vision of loveliness, give YOUR SELF the same!


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