A “Massive” Challenge for you

Do you often feel like Life’s run you over? (maybe even stopped and backed up once or twice? ouch.)  Ever feel like something’s taken hold of your life’s Momentum and you’ve lost control long time ago?  Here’s an idea that might help give you YOUR power back. It did me.

Imagine two scenarios. You are at the bottom of a steep hill, and in one scenario a bicycle is rolling down the hill at you. In scenario #2 a Semi truck is rolling down a hill towards you.  Which would you prefer to have to stop?

Now, unless you’re a super hero (or super villain?), I would guess you’d find it easier to stop the bicycle. Why is that? The bicycle has less Momentum.

If you’ve been following this blog, (or science for the last 330 years) you know by now that Momentum is equal to Mass times Velocity.

Both the truck and the bike may only be moving at the same speed, but because of the substantial Mass, the truck has more Momentum and will be that much more painful to stop.  That is Life. The end! (ok… there’s more)

momentum of truck and bicycle

Apply my “NEW AND IMPROVED”, (no gluten and sugar free!) Quantum version of Momentum for your life.

It’s Mass (Thought) x Velocity (how often you think it).  Here’s the key to managing the Momentum in your life, are you ready?

If I were to tell you to “Stop thinking about how many bones are in ice-cream.” – you could do it no problem, right?

There’s no Momentum to stop. You’ve probably never thought about it before, so there’s NO Velocity, right?   More importantly – there’s NO Mass to the thought. It’s not painful to stop. The thought doesn’t hit a nerve, or touch on anything meaningful, (even though you may love ice-cream).

Now, if I were to say to you-  “Stop thinking you are less than Incredible, somewhat lost in life, or unworthy of Great Things.” it might be harder to do. Those thoughts are like a Semi and have a large Mass, and (hopefully) hit a few nerves.   

The Mass of those thoughts are huge because they connected to something much bigger, your perception of yourself.  They create and carry Emotions. 

Just like a truck and a bicycle gaining speed down a hill, you’re going to feel one more than the other, when you try to stop them. 

Regardless of the Velocity, (for now) it is the Mass that most often is the controlling factor in trying to guide or change our Momentum in life. 

  • Here’s the challenge just for Today, or this week. Try to be Aware, or Recognize  every time you have a thought that may feel like it has some Mass behind it.  It’ll be easy to do. Those will be the ones that strike a nerve and get a reaction quickly. It’ll “push your button”, or be a statement that you feel “committed to”.

Remember – Not all Momentum is “bad”!  Some of these thoughts with Mass behind them are the ones already carrying you in the direction you want.  Today’s identification is just to feel for any of them, comfortable and not so comfortable. Some of those “heavy” thoughts will turn out to be the Semi-trucks that are rolling through your life unrecognized.  Those trucks are the key to managing your Life’s Momentum.

Becoming aware of them, feeling for that MASS is the most important first step in re-creating the Momentum that You want. A Momentum that serves you better, allows healing, and increases your happiness.

Its all about YOUR life. The Momentum is yours, the Process is yours. You can caress and guide and create a Momentum that takes you where you want. Or, it can run wild and out of control. Its up to you.

In up and coming blogs, we’ll discuss:

  • Why Velocity may NOT be the friend you think it is!
  • When truck sized Mass can be Helpful, or Harmful, to your Momentum.
  • How to create a blend of Momentum and Velocity that gives you the best Momentum in the direction that YOU want!

(And, as always – Thank you for taking a few minutes to read this. It may seem “long-winded”, it may seem “scientific or dry”, but it is only written to describe a process that CAN really turn a life around!  Life is really just a few simple variables and forces that act together. Just give it a try. All I want for you my friends is to have your Greatness shine through, and to feel Ease, Clarity and Happiness along your journey.  I can promise you this- there IS a lot of MASS behind that thought!  That IS my whole reason for writing these articles.)  MomentumMikey