Are you an exhibitionist?

Air and Heat and Fire. Add Glass, lots of it.  Add Flow, and you get Chihuly.

Law of Attraction, Momentum in glass

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to visit the Chihuly exhibit at Seattle Center. For anyone not familiar with his work definitely follow the Chihuly link above. His artwork is an incredibly vibrant, and exquisite expression of allowing Flow. His creations capture colorful expressions of movement and emotion in something as fragile as glass.Law of Attraction, Momentum in glass

How flexible is glass? Your first thought would be “not very”.  But in the creation stages it is a liquid that can be formed into incredibly distinctive, irreplaceable manifestations of an imagination.

You know by now that I say “Momentum allows Orchestration”. That is also the key to working with glass. If an artist were to get the “blob” of glass heated and ready for orchestration, and then do nothing- it would remain an ugly blob, cool down, and make a great paperweight.  But, if the glass is heated and Momentum begins and keeps up with the flow of the molten glass, amazing and breathtaking creations come forth. The key is to keep up. Don’t stagnate. Creation equals constant movement forward.

Like your life. Momentum calls. Life pulls you from the fire ready to create something unique that only YOU can create. Your LIFE.

If “my life” does not keep up with that continual Momentum forward, a calling for continual creation, then it cools down. Perhaps it becomes harder to work with. Possibly becoming cracked or shattered, rather than flexible and creative, when forces are applied.

Allow your Greatness to continually Flow through you as often as you can. Search for what uses and touches and inspires the molten greatness that is YOU!  We all have it, don’t be fooled or told otherwise! Don’t let your own Resistance tell you otherwise. Do not compare one against another, for we each have an amazing unique show to exhibit from our time here.

Let your time here be your masterpiece. For it is. Let it be an exhibit for those that view it, or come in contact with it later, to see how you suspended time with your touch.




4 thoughts on “Are you an exhibitionist?

  1. A Chihuly exhibit came to our museum in Albq years ago. We walked under a long passageway
    of brightly colored orbs. I have followed his installations since. Thanks for the link.


  2. Mikey, absolutely the kind of pep talk I needed this morning! Thanks for posting this and my father LOVED glass creations, he would have been in awe at this exhibit. I will have to check it out if it ever comes to Atlanta.


    • so totally cool that you shared the “odd detail” about your Father. It is because of my dad that I went yesterday! He’s visiting town and his wife was told to go see this so we went. thanks again.

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