Juiced or Dehydrated?

Momentum, Science & the Law of Attraction

It’s 2:30 am. I’m watching late night TV and there’s a good mix of wrappers and bags around me and the sofa. I flip to Channel 157 and see someone with a very healthy and bouncy figure showing off the New Improved, Power 3 Layer Rolling Action, Ionic Quantum Juicer. Its so flashy, and easy and efficient and gets me 100% of the nutrient without all that bulk. She goes on to tell me that it:

  • Increases my absorb-able organic nutritional values from the food
  • Takes that juice anywhere, and so versatile.
  • WOW, It’ll save me so much time, and improve my vitality and even my sex life.
  • But Wait- I ALSO get,not 6, but ALL 16 Free Attachments! No way, someone pinch me!
  • Quick,where’s my charge card? Only four short days till it got here – the excitement was pulpable.  Pardon me, palpable.

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Feeling satiated and done for the…

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