Make a little love…

Great, now I’ve got that old KC and the Sunshine Band song going in my head all day.  Oh well, could be worse…

This weekend I was cleaning out some old paperwork in the garage and found some “prehistoric” writing of mine. Like from 25 years ago. (OK, so insert your own joke here about how often I clean out the garage…)

Obviously I was already losing at Chess back then, and things around the world were just as they are today. The tiny poem is just as fitting now as the day I scribbled it.


peaceful dove for momentum– I wish all wars were played on boards so only pawns would die,

Instead of ghastly holocausts that leave our souls to cry.

Instead of power through missile heads, power through a peaceful dove.

I suggest a bigger bang, let’s all start making Love.


Make a little Love this week.

  • Show the Greatness in You, by Looking for it in Others.
  • Find something that excites and sparks Curiosity, and fan a fire of Enthusiasm.
  • Reconnect with Who You Are, and let it Flow.
  • Donate a Smile, it’s free and one of the most powerful gifts you can give.
  • Enjoy a moment every day, where you are in AWE of Nature.
  • Give up your judgments on what others “should be” doing, as we Remember we are all here for our own Experiences that allow our individual, private Expansion.
  • Appreciate as much as you can. As often as you can. Then Repeat.
  • Know that YOU ARE a Powerful part of a Universal Energy that connects everything- you are NOT alone. You ARE amazing and unique!

Make a little love this week.

Be you. Let them be them. We are all different.  We are all the same.


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