7 Signs you’re Sinking your own Battleship!

Did you ever play the old game “Battleship”?  You’d call out letter and number combinations and then deduce where your opponent’s battleship was, in order to “sink it”.

Well, like always – there’s good news and there’s bad news –  The good news is in life, ONLY YOU can sink your battleship. The Bad news is- we usually do.

Do you remember the old sea captain’s story about two lights that see each other at night?     -It was a foggy night and the officer of a large battleship at sea views a light rapidly approaching, so the Admiral quickly sends a signal saying, “We are on a collision course, please change your course immediately”    A second later the response comes back, “No, you change your course immediately”. The officer feeling indignation with the answer sends a second signal as the two get closer – “This is a Fleet Admiral of the US Navy, I order you to change your heading immediately to avoid destruction!!”   A moment later the response comes across the foggy night, “No, you change your heading. This is the lighthouse.”  –

In OUR lives – are we feeling the reactive thoughts of the ship’s leader, with annoyance and righteous angst that others won’t change, or are we instead, responsive to the frequency of the Lighthouse?  Are we open to changes that may be needed?

Many of us stand unwavering, sharing an officer’s point of view,

  1. “Look, this is a fact!”law of attraction lighthouse momentum
  2. “Do you know who I am?”
  3. I know what is best for me.”
  4. “They better change to match my perspective!”
  5. “But I’m so comfortable in my present speed and course!”
  6. “I don’t want to change because I know what will happen.”
  7. “I am afraid of changing the status quo.”

We should be simply allowing, and aligning with the Lighthouse because it tells a “truer” omnipresent story of what IS, what is best for our own growth or expansion. The Lighthouse has a different perspective than ours, and always knows when change would be beneficial for us.

Are you responsive or aware of the Lighthouse? Do we crash upon the rocks and then blame the Lighthouse for not making it clearer or pointing it out earlier in our path?

You can shout and push against it. You can use clever verbiage and explanations and egotistic justifications, but the unseen rocks are always there.

The Lighthouse will always win.