Ah, that romantic ballad called “Neuropeptide Love, Baby”

Love roller-coasters or scary movies?  Do you love sweet snacks in the evening? Do you love getting hugs? Chances are, it’s all because of neuropeptides in your body.

Dr. Candace Pert, who discovered the opiate receptor, and was author of the ground-breaking book Molecules of Emotion, was famous for her pioneering work in psychoneuroimmunology. (Yes, it’s a real word.)  Dr.Pert discovered that the more often you experience an emotion, the more your cells tell your body to create more of those same neuropeptides receptor sites.

Certain neuropeptides are said to “carry emotions” throughout our bodies. For example, by having the emotion of Sadness, or Excitement, your body can actually become “addicted” to that set of molecules and will actually shut down other receptor sites (other functions) on cells just so they can assimilate more of that same “Sadness” or “Excitement” molecule.  As you want more, it is created.


Now, when you look at The Big Picture – YOU ARE a neuropeptide in the Body of the Universe. We individually create and tell the Universal body what to send more of. Just like those late night sweet snacks, you’ll want more, you’ll buy more, and more will be made. Or just like the adrenaline junkie, you liked it and now you gotta’ experience it again and again.

Thanks, Mr. Neuropeptide!  You are the Law of Attraction that is built right into our bodies.

As you begin to look more often for the Greatness in people, you build more of those receptor sites in your cellular list of possible experiences. You will SEE what you’ve built the most receptor sites for. For example you may want to experience more Oxytocin, “the hug/love” neuropeptide receptor sites.  Maybe you’ll want to feel more Serotonin, the “smiling neuropeptide”.

What are you Building your craving for through your daily life?   Is it a problem based chemical – by talking about the problems of others? Is it Jealousy? Is it Laughter? Do you build sites that will crave more Peace or Happiness?  Your body is listening very closely to you.

Only AFTER you build receptor sites, (only after you BECOME that), will you REALIZE that part of the Universe.  You can’t taste those Sweet snacks if there’s no sweet receptor taste buds on the old tongue, right?  

Dr. Pert used an analogy that described neuropeptides as “the sheet music containing notes that allow the body to orchestrate the physiological and emotional processes.”

I don’t see it as a TOP 10 Love Ballad, but never-the-less, make sure you’re whistling or singing a daily melody of Neuropeptide Love.   

All possibilities already exist.  What part of IT are you building receptors for?