Verses of Versus

  • Ugh “Stone is best way to make Fire.”  Grunt, “No, Wood is.”
  • Grandma says “Letters are the best way to let me know what’s going on, sweetie.” Grandkids say “Nope, I’ll text you.”
  • Indigenous is the healthiest way to live. No, we need Industry here.
  • North is the better place to live. Sorry darlin’, the South is.
  • Republican vs Democrat – enough already!
  • Android is the best phone. Apple is the better phone.

Ok, you get the idea.  History is only verses of US versus THEM.  People will always WANT different things. Remember though, It is only because of Everyone wanting different things that there is even a choice to begin with.

Only “problem” is- THEY don’t want the same thing YOU do.

Look back roughly oh, about 1.5 million years ago to when man first BBQ’d his food. Mammoth with a fresh herbal rub, yummm. As caveman Grunt sat working his rocks to start fire, Ugh froze as she watched and watched and already Wanted a Different way to make fire. A difference in desire and a fight ensued. (Grunt no sleep on rock with Ugh that night.)

Now, skip ahead till last Saturday. My neighbor comes over for a BBQ and says “Really, Mikey, BBQ Brickettes? Hellllllo, it’s 2014. Heard of Gas yet?”   He’s a gas man all the way,(seriously, don’t ask).  He just couldn’t see my point of view about the flavor, the primal feeling, the smoke aromas, the outdoor campfire appeal.  Meanwhile, he rambled on something  or other about the control, and efficiency and speed of cooking over gas, or something like that, blah, blah, blah…

Even with about 180 years of history to settle the difference, between cooking with Gas or Wood there’s been no World agreement. Not even between two neighbors on one block.

Look around the world, just briefly, at conflicts and you’ll see the same story. Verses of Versus continue. Most have lasted for the last hundred, if not thousands, of years.

Do we forget that it is ONLY because of our different Intentions, our different Desires, that choices in life, crayonsthere are even options to choose from?  If we all wanted and agreed with the same thing, we would not have expanded anything. We would not even have controlled fire, running water, medical capabilities,  or more importantly – a new phone style every other week. (Ok, some advancements we can do without, but remember -there’s some people that would disagree with even that statement.)

When we let go of the perception that OUR choice or intention is the RIGHT one, we see how far we’ve advanced. We are reminded of the expansion of ideas and the abilities that we have now is only BECAUSE of THOSE differences in perceptions and desires! Usually when we let go of our perception, we see that both sides are people just wanting the same thing, Happiness, but through different choices.

It is when we HOLD on to the perception that OUR intention or desire is the ONLY way, that we regress. It is only because of our ATTACHMENT to OUR desire that there is suffering, in ourselves and others.

You can try to control what someone else does, or what they want, OR you can let go of that outcome. You have a choice, so do they.

Happiness exist either way. We forget it already does, it’s IN each of us. Our happiness does not need to be attached to someone else’s choice.  

Look through the million year old Family Photo Album. I don’t see the “Control” factor working out too well, do you?

Of course, it could just be my problem looking at this cell phone’s Album. After all, I only have last month’s model.  Luckily, new models will continue to be made.


2 thoughts on “Verses of Versus

  1. You are absolutely right. I thought I had that attachment part all gone. I was living a peaceful life, happy most of the time, and well aware that we are all going to want different things, even something as simple as dinner. I have learned to fight less and appreciate the opinions of others. I guess yesterday I was just in a state of shock. Sure I’d heard tid-bits of this radical group on the TV, but never paid ay attention. My only question is what is it all going to solve? Absolutely nothing. That someone’s more powerful? Nope, because you KNOW if we (the USA) gets attacks, all hell will raise loose and Obama will go bombing everyone until he thinks they’re all dead. I feel like we are back in the stone ages and these men, ALL of them, Obama included, are beating on their chests to prove who has more power. I’m almost don’t with a novel I’m reading, then I’m going to start reading Shawn Achor’s Happiness books. I feel like I got bumped off the track yesterday and just have to realign myself. You are right though. It’s all about opinions, and everyone is entitled to have their own. How boring would the world be if we all wanted/had the same things. It’s like we (some of us) just have to have the best of the best (your neighbor with his gas cooking) to prove that we are better than someone else. I think we want these things for the wrong reasons. Having the best cell phone seems to be the thing nowadays. If you aren’t walking around with the latest and greatest, you’re laughed at and behind in the times. It makes me sad. Material things are all a matter of opinion, and have no relevance as to who’s better than anyone else. It is MY opinion, that these people who want, want, want, have a LOOOOOOOONG way to go, evolutionary speaking that is. Very good post. Thanks for sharing!!


    • Wow, that’s an electronic mouthful. Thanks for your time to read and to comment. Wanting is fine,in my opinion, as long as you WANT and then resign yourself from the outcome. Have a happier day and again Thanks for your time in expressing yourself!

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