The Universe is No photobomb!

Have you ever felt “antsy” or “bound up”, like you’ve got some energy calling you somewhere, but you don’t know where exactly it’s calling you?!  Sure, even daily, right?

I’d been feeling “antsy”, like I just wanted to get out for some exercise, I could just feel my energy stagnating and yet calling at the same time.  Weird, but you know what I mean. I was feeling that “don’t ask where, just go...” feeling that we all get.

Despite the not-so-sunny day, I felt like taking a short bicycle ride. No goal, quite unusual for me, I just felt like hopping on and riding.  Pedaling only about 100 feet up the road, I came across someone crouching there eating a sandwich on the corner of two streets. I thought how bizarre, I didn’t know them, and we don’t usually have strangers sitting on corners in this neighborhood.

As I rode by he says “Hey, you know anyone who wants some wood chips?” I about fell over. My wife and I had been talking about buying some bark dust or mulch to help hold down the weeds and moisture over the summer, but never got around to doing it. No joke.

The stranger continued, “Yeah, I’m taking a quick lunch break, but we’ve got this truck load down this street where we’ve been grinding up tree limbs we took down in a yard and we gottta’ get rid of it. Free to whoever wants it.”    Did I just hear the word “FREE”?!!

I said, “Sure.” I felt like hugging the guy, and making him a lunch and getting him a beer as well!  Within 20 minutes, I had about 5 cubic yards, (yes, a massive pile) of soft, wonderfully smelling wood chips, on my driveway, for me to start working on. Talk about getting some exercise!  I couldn’t have planned it any better, but the Universe sure did.    Exactly the opposite of the popular “photobomb” (where something or someone unexpectedly shows up in a picture to “ruin it”).


Now the Tree guy might be thinking – “Just another day…. Cut down the tree, grind it up, and then “pawn it off” onto some schmuck nearby, and then head home.” He is totally un-aware (if he didn’t notice my incredibly goofy smile of shock and appreciation) of anything “bizarre” happening. However, from MY perspective, it was a beautiful, perfectly timed manifestation to solve my bound up energy, and landscaping desires, all in one simple “chance” meeting at lunch time.

You’ve had this happen as well, I’ll bet, even hundreds of times. OK, maybe not with wood chips, but with all kinds of other “chance” meetings in life. Think back on one and just allow a minute for the smile it brought you.  Isn’t synchronicity the best!

Did you read my post about the matchstick?  It’s such an important thing to remember everyday, that not only are you a matchstick that has desires for a flame, but you are also a striking surface for other matches, and sometimes you are the fingers doing the striking. Sometimes you’re the needed Oxygen that will allow a flame to ignite or stay lit!  But, you never know it.

Every day you are multi-tasking on a Universal level that you don’t even know about.  You matter to others in ways you can’t possibly conceive of. It is unfortunate that most of us, don’t see or feel this important piece that we’ve been in so many other’s lives.

Your job, your life, your comments, your smile, your actions – every little thing you do – plays a perfect part in someone else’s life.  No matter what YOUR perspective was. 

Take a second and see how other’s (little or big) actions have synchronized with your own. You probably haven’t told every one of them, or thanked them, have you?

Guess what – They haven’t thanked you either, but you’ve affected them just the same.

Consider this a Thank you! from just a few of them.


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