Is the Magic missing from Your life?

Have you ever watched a great magic show?  Do you remember watching David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty disappear in 1983?  When the curtain came down the 450,000 pound statue was missing!  It was Amazing.  Everyone was spellbound!

Everyone gasps and is entranced by what every great magician does.  But what does he DO?

Abracadabra! Spoiler Alert, the magician has only done YOU!  He only refocused YOUR attention. I know it looks like the tiger or beautiful girl disappears, but with a few mirrors, perfect timing, and some creative engineering – the “magic” is gone. Sorry.

The power or redirecting you attention is not to be under-rated, nor under-noticed. Everybody’s doing it. Magicians aren’t the only ones that do it for a living!

  • Pick pockets, and sleight of hand experts rely on it for their livelihood.
  • The Media, and every TV show – they only survive if they can continue to refocus you for another season, or a better time slot to sell more product.
  • Signs or Writing on every flat square inch in society, steal away your gaze.
  • Your Boss loves to redirect your attention.  Do I even want to mention politics?
  • Most animals, including us, have some aspect to distract the attention from another animal, to increase it’s own probability for breeding and survival.
  • Sometimes even Your Own Energy tries. It whispers, knocks, and then often ends up thumping you in the head, or the heart, if you haven’t redirected your focus yet.

Seems as though everyone is trying to steer your gaze towards their direction, for some reason or other.  Most of the time we are willing and put full faith, even if temporarily, into what they’re selling.

Like any great illusion, it is only AFTER it’s happened that we  realize how the illusion was done.  Or even that one existed.  Sometimes we don’t even WANT to know how it was engineered.

magic boxAfter the magic show, most of us are disheartened to hear how it was done. It’s like hearing there is no Santa. (Woops, forgot to say Spoiler Alert.) We don’t want to admit we were so easily gullible, so easily taken advantage of. Our eyes or ears should not, could not, be lying to us, right?  I’ve usually given my consent for my five senses to let me know what’s real and what isn’t.

Remember this lesson, though. Perception does not equate reality. If you are Seeing in order to Believe, then what you are Believing is only a single snapshot separate from many interwoven processes, and then subject to the error of your view point.

The secret in NOT seeing the statue of Liberty was the same secret that everyone has, including YOU.

A “magician” can rotate, or shift a “subject’s” Perception – their view point- to only show what the “magician” wants the subject to look upon. Remember that Sensory organs are only as meaningful as the power we grant them.

What happens if I rotate your platform (unbeknownst to you) so that you only look in the direction I want you to see? I control your “reality” if your reality is anchored to your sight.

Do you think Copperfield could have made the Statue of Liberty disappear when he first started studying magic?  I’ll bet it took a lot of practice, confidence and patience with himself.  To create the illusion he wanted it took more than just words like “Presto” or “Abracadabra!”   It took Willingness to Engineer exactly what he wanted. 

Be Willing and have Patience as YOU slowly change your own platform’s direction that you look out from.  Control your “reality”. Create some magic in your own life. You have the power as well!

To you, the magician, the end product will seem simple. But to others watching you, they will be impressed and spellbound by your abilities and your life.    



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