All New -Try this Pumpkin Flavored blog post!

It’s Fall, and you know what that means. It means that anything marketable will now have Pumpkin, or “Pumpkin Spice” added to it. We’ve all seen the lattes at the coffee shop, but have you seen the Pumpkin flavored Potato Chips, Vodka, Ice-Cream, Beer, Bagels, Pancakes, Doughnuts, Yogurt, Dog Food and even Jell-O?

Of course, Peppermint and Eggnog flavored items are not far away. What about after that? Dare we start other food pairings?  Why not introduce Maple flavored Machiatos on Arbor Day?  I’m sure we’d all love a Corned Beef flavored coffee on St. Patty’s Day. Maybe we should ask for “Waffle” flavored whipped cream for Election Day? Or a sprinkle of Dirt in our demitasse for Earth Day, (or Election Day!)

I digress, sorry, back to the pumpkin….

As Pumpkin flavored everything shows up, we realize that autumn is around the law of attraction be who you are, pumpkinimmediate corner. It becomes a time for putting away for winter, a drawing inward for the approaching seasons, like the hibernating animals and plants.

We recede to reseed. We look inward to remind us of who or what we really are. We become introspective to re-focus, to re-center and to find our inner strengths.  We look at the Present Energy that comes from what and how we’ve grown. We also look at the Energy seeds that will express who we were, for future generations to see.

The Pumpkin doesn’t look inward and find Peach or Watermelon seeds. IF it looks for, or wants those,  it’ll live in DisappointmentIt needs to look for Greatness in it’s own form, it’s unique expression of Greatness! It’s true “Pumpkiness“!

After all, Who or What is “Pumpkin Spice”? (No, she did NOT belong to a British Pop Girl band of the 1990’s!) Pumpkin Spice is generally the combination of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice and clove. Without one of those single ingredients experienced, your flavored beer or ice-cream would just not be the same!

WHO you have become, and the seeds you leave, have all been intricately created by many flavors and experiences in life.

Be the totality of who and what you are. If you are a Pumpkin, be proud. If you are a unique blend of Pumpkin Spice, be proud.  Who else would flavor our lattes and bagels and everything else so seasonally?

There is a time that all of us shine for being exactly who and what we are. 



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