Happiness at Work, by Dr. Srikumar Rao

One word summary for the book- Process“. 

We’ve all heard that “Life is a Journey, not a destination.” Dr. Rao examines the true power of this statement. While the beginning part of the book deals with the “at Work” scenario, he then dives deeply into Happiness anywhere, anytime.  He reminds us “Passion does not exist in the job. – It exists in you.” At work, or not at work, it really doesn’t matter. Knowing this, why just focus on the work place? He teaches the Process to feel Happiness no matter where you are. That’s what we all really want anyway, right?

Personally, I really appreciated and felt strengthened by the ideas presented. I liked the bold, directness of Rao’s “conversation.” He likes to throw a lead question out to you that you think you comfortably know the answer to, and then he’ll state emphatically “NO!”, and follow it up with great clarifying reasoning. He’s got a great mix of stories and examples to help explain the ideas he throws at us. The man has an incredibly extensive vocabulary that had me looking up words I had never heard or used before. Thanks!

One of the main ideas in the book is simply Don’t Invest in the Outcome, Invest in the Process.

Rao shows that our common “Mental Models” of “If this… Then that” is itself “fallacious”. For example, IF I get this to happen…THEN I’ll be happy. Rao reminds us that the problem of putting off our Happiness contingent upon the Outcome is that we surrender Happiness to something we can’t control.  What a powerful insight!

I am Happy to now know and understand these ideas of Rao’s:

  • “The funny thing about mental models is that the more you invest in one, the more firmly you believe in whatever model you’re using, the more “evidence” you get that the universe actually behaves in the way you think it does.”
  • “You may have changed physically (as you look back at your own life) but the principal difference between you now and you ten years ago is the particular items that appear on your if-then list.”
  • “But you can set yourself free by recognizing that you’re merely playing a role that you have identified with and shift your focus to who you really are.”
  • in relation to living in a ME centered world – “What is wrong is the notion that if you succeed in your particular rearrangement, you will be happier.”

Definitely a book I’d recommend to anyone along any part of their path in life. Look for an ancient Eastern flavor to the lessons here. The basic premise that NO things will bring you deep happiness is liberating and a great reminder for all of us. Enduring satisfaction, deep bliss, whether at work or anywhere only comes from within.

“Linking your emotional well-being to the outcome of what you’re striving for is a flawed strategy.”  Instead, Rao suggests instead that “Whatever action you take, be consciously aware of who you are as you take it.”

Invest in your Process of Prosperity and Happiness, be it at work – or along the path of life. By doing this, you’ll already “find the Outcome to your liking”.

happiness at work  by Srikumar Rao, law of attraction