12th Man Madness

137.6 decibels.  That’s how loud Seattle Seahawks fans registered in their football stadium, for a new Guinness World Record on Dec 2, 2013.  Just to compare, a jet taking off at 100 meters is about 130 decibels.

Known in football as the 12th Man because only 11 members are allowed on the field, but it is often the thousands of other voices off the field, the Fans, that make the difference in winning the game. Quite often the losing team says that they just could not hear the plays being called for, because the fans were so loud, obnoxious or distracting.

12th Man Team and MomentumThe crowded stadium filled with voices of fans screaming and hollering totally distract and confuse the players that are trying to hear and communicate the next play. Sometimes it is not just the sound level that distracts and blocks communication, but also the demoralizing chants that can affect the other team from keeping their own spirits up.

You’ve probably been one of those fans at some point, or maybe even been distracted by them.  In fact, I’ll wager you’re one today!  Not going to a football or any game today? I still win the bet. Let me explain.

That 12th Man exists in your own head as well. All that mind chatter in your head distracts YOU from clearly hearing Your own next play!  That constant recycling of thoughts stop you from “hearing” clear communication with your own Source Energy, God, Spirit, Life – Force – whatever Label you feel comfortable with.

You know the voices. Maybe you lay in bed trying to sleep and there’s seemingly about a dozen other people there with you, if you were to judge by how many conversations you keep having. If it wasn’t so darn annoying, you’d almost laugh, as you notice – “Who’s in there? Just shut up already! I’d like to sleep now!”  Maybe you notice those incessant thoughts while you’re trying to focus at work, or while trying to talk with someone. That’s the 12th Man there annoyingly blocking clear connection to your own silence.

If you don’t find a way around the 12th Man, you’ll lose the game.

Through Destructive Interference, they may be demoralizing you with un-true perceptions of yourself or others. They may block your hearing of the next play, or of the silence you want. They interrupt that eternal guidance that is always there faintly calling you. Unfortunately, your Inner Calling very rarely uses a loud speaker.  We often miss it behind our own mental ramblings that continue both day and night.

Bill Cosby once said  “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody!”  The same goes for those rampant thoughts in your head as well. You just can’t listen and try to appease them all.

Manage those voices in your own head, so that you can hear what is wanted by the calm and centered You that is calling.

While you have the ball, don’t let the ANY voices demoralize or put you down. Imagine all those voices only cheering you on!

It’s YOUR field, it’s your goal. How badly do you want it?  Keep your Focus and score what you want.



 (Thanks to Joshua Trujillo, seattlepi.com for image)

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