Are you the victim of a perfect crime?

I had the most beautiful Smile given to me when I was born. Vibrant, Illuminating, and possessed such Radiance that the energy was felt by anyone near it.

Then, someone stole my Smile.

law of attraction is a lost smileI knew where to check first. Where did I frequent the most?  It had to have been stolen there. I’m sure it was Mr. Job. With the day to day problems and outside forces that continually stormed upon me, I thought Mr. Job had eroded it away. But then, I’ve changed jobs, in fact many times over the years!  It couldn’t have been Mr. Job.

I suspected next that it was Old Man Weather. I remember those sunny days when I still had that glowing Smile.  The rain, the wind, the cold, the unexpected weather for that one or two events, and the daily possibility that it would “get in the way” again; yup, it was probably the thief.  But then I remembered just yesterday for a minute I smiled because of the flowers and trees and rivers that the rain had produced. I had smiled just last week because of the sunshine as well, so I knew it couldn’t be Old Man Weather. One less suspect.

Most commonly the crime revolves around Miss Money. AHA! That’s it. I saw the lack of what I wanted to have, and the long list of things that others had, and realized YES, that was the dastardly criminal who had stolen my Smile.   But then, I remembered when I was young I had no money and I went on adventures with barely any money in my pocket. In fact, even before that- I could play all day outdoors and laugh and smile with out even knowing about Miss Money. It could not be the seductive Miss Money that stole my Smile.

And then I remembered My Friend. It always come down to those that are closest and knew all my secrets. Yes, it had to be My Friend. She knew exactly how to get to me and she knew my deepest weaknesses, and how to take my Smile. AHA!  But, again, I thought, more times than not- she had a smile to give to me. Why would she want two? She has provided me with one just this week, and it was when I really needed one. That just didn’t make sense.  Did I not have my smile even before I knew her, and weren’t there days that it seemed to be missing before she knew me?  It couldn’t be My Friend.

The more I thought about it, and investigated a list of suspects, I continually crossed off the likely ones. Politicians. Neighbors. The school system. Health. I had seen my Smile before all of those came around, but I had to be fair – I also saw it intermittently after those came around as well.

I even suspected the The Lover. Next on the list was an old scapegoat called Memories. Same story, I’d seen it since both of them, and in fact both of them also donated a smile to me daily, so like the friend, Memories and the Lover could not be Guilty. Even someone only known as “The Man” got crossed off the list.

I had exhausted the list of usual suspects.  It was the perfect crime.

It must have been an inside job!  It must have been ME.



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  1. Hi Mike,
    Great comments. I agree that we do forget the true pleasures of life and often trade them for what we think we need. Thanks for your insight!


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