Come closer. Closer, closer…

A friend of mine bought the oddest thing the other day. An implement of torture.  A scary piece that only comes innate with bad intentions and reflections. Guaranteed to depress and only maximize your “weaknesses” and “flaws”.

She bought a Magnification face mirror.  Normal on one side, 8X magnification on the other side.  8X!  REALLY? OUCH!!  Down right scary!  I mean, I see me and you at 1X. Not too scary, kinda’ pleasant actually. Even someone snuggling up close still only sees you at 1X. So, why the 8X?   Are people looking for the Demodex mites that live on their eyebrows and lashes?  (Don’t ask, and try not to think about it…)

Momentum and change in Perspective

Lookin’ good Mr. Jackson.

If you hold that 8X magnification up to a picture you can see the individual dot pixels that make up the black and white picture. You suddenly go from the whole “image” and look Inward to the “image of lots of dots”.  You see a lot of “negative space” between dots that make up the whole picture. The image has changed, or has it?

If I use the 8x mirror- My small blackheads becomes MomentumMikey Mountain range. YUK!  I could continue to look in between the dots even further. If I use a 100X I can see my lovely Bacteria. If I use a 400X I can look at my Cellular makeup (bad pun, sorry).

Do I keep magnifying further Inward to look at DNA and then further to my Atoms?  Do I look even smaller to see the gravity field that may be created by the entanglement of subatomic matter like quarks in me?   Which one is ME?  Which one is Reality?

What Perception do you use to say where You physically start or end?

What about going outward?  At 1X you get to see your beautiful skin’s surface. Blackheads or not, it’s still a beautiful part of YOU.  Do you see Out past that skin?

  • Do you see the biophoton (light) emissions that are emitted by all living things?
  • Do you see Qi, or your Aura, or any of your Life Energies?
  • Do you see the “doughnut shaped field of energy surrounding the heart and extending beyond the body 5-8 feet in diameter”? that Heartmath first documented over a dozen years ago?
  • Do you see what is known as “The Maharishi Effect” going outward? This is demonstrated as when one percent of a any population practices Transcendental Meditation at a specific time, there is a reduction in crime and violence in that area.

Does the Outward Magnification of You not demonstrate “Reality” as much as the Inward Magnifications of You? 

Just because you may not see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there, right?  Remember the skin mites?  It only means you need a new magnification or perspective, that’s all.

Perhaps your relationship with others is the best Mirror you have for the Outward Magnification part of You?