Get Pumped!

As I look out my car’s windshield I see all the taillights of everyone going to work.  A long path of red blinking, brake lights, frustratingly winding into the city. Sound like a familiar way to start the day? Not too motivating, unless you remember your biology!

What if you picture all those red taillights representing blood platelets flowing in an artery? We all pulse together on the main arteries, till we branch off into side street capillaries as we’re needed. Oh, I hear you – I’m thinking it too – If only the blood would flow faster!  “More Flow, less Coagulation” – That would be MY bumper sticker!

Look, there’s some Cholesterol. So that’s what slowed us down today. A car stuck there on the side of the road now. See how it slows us all down, like a bottle neck we have to squeeze by it?  Please, keep yourself tuned up and in top shape, don’t be the Cholesterol that slows down the Flow.

Liège at Night, thanks to NASA for image

City of Liège at Night, thanks to NASA for image

See yourself as one of those platelets pumping strongly for the system. Flowing strongly with thick muscular walls you appear red and full of Vitality. You have Oxygen and Nutrients that you are bringing to an organ, or cell, of the Universal Body. You are supplying a particular cell with Life.

You have probably chosen where to add Life. Someday your energy and nutrients will be diverted to another area of the Body, just as you’ve been diverted in the past. The Body knows where and when you’re needed, there’s no problem.

We give our Nutritional value and provide Oxygen through our shift. We provide energy. We help heal. Our Energy allows growth and expansion for the Body.

At the end of the day, we too, need to be replenished. Yes, we may even appear Blue as we leave tired, worn down, “thin-walled” and under nourished. We complete the circuit in a different path, through a vein going back to our home, our Heart and our Lungs. We rid ourselves of any nasty carbon-dioxide negativity that we may have picked up. There we are cleansed, re-freshed and re-stored.

We all get our Energy Restored from the same place, despite our different labels for it.

Make sure you allow a Pathway for your Lungs and Heart to refresh you daily from whatever you call Home.