Don’t toast that TV!

Just for fun, here’s a twister for your tongue. Try it out – “Unique New York”  Now 4x quickly.  (Hey, did you just say “you nork”?)

Whether you were able to say it clearly or not, YOU are Unique as well!  Why? Because you have an individual thread of Greatness that flows only through YOU!

I KNOW this because you are linked to Life’s Energy, whatever label you want to call it. Life’s Source Energy, that produces photons of light emitting from you and every living thing, flows through every one of us.

Similarly, energy called Electricity Flows through both the Toaster and the TV.  The Toaster’s Greatness is a heating element. The Plasma TV’s Greatness is its millions of cells that light up from Plasma gas. Only the Source of  their Greatness is common, the energy called Electricity.

Each of us humans have that Source of Greatness in common, and like Carlos Santana, one of the world’s greatest guitar players, says “You just have to Transmit it.”

Too often some of us “Toasters” look at a TV and want to be a TV and forget our own Flow of Energy that is appreciated by those that are hungry. Too often some of us “TVs” wish we didn’t have to deal with our Heat and “Busyness” and wish we were a toaster.

When a TV wants to be a Toaster, it quickly becomes a broken TV. They’re not meant to handle the Heat so it’ll burn itself out.

When a Toaster tries to visually entertain like a TV, it’s boring as hell and it Fails as well.

Regardless of feeling Liked, Disliked, or your own perceived notion of talent or no-talent. Let YOUR Greatness out. Allow the world to know that YOU ARE HERE. Flow with the Energy that creates everything. Trust there is a role for each of us.

Somewhere, someone is wanting toast right now, or to watch TV. And yes, somewhere, I’ll bet there’s even someone wanting to watch a high definition toaster. So be yourself, whatever that is!  There’s a part in the puzzle for every piece!

Allow the Greatness to Flow through you in whatever way you can.

Proudly and Courageously Be YOU!

3 thoughts on “Don’t toast that TV!

  1. Great explanation! And believe it or not… I made the tongue twister several times, fast and clear … perhaps it’s because I am having a different mother tongue 🙂


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