Becoming Pluripotent – (word for the day)

Get Passionate. Raise that Momentum.  What you can become is limitless. Momentum is the ruling force, even when looking microscopically at our own cells.

Here is some exciting ground-breaking Science.  I’ll show you how we can use this discovery in our Everyday lives, and not just as an important discovery in cell growth.

R&D (Research and Development) Magazine, Feb, 2014, posted an incredible article from Bill Hathaway at Yale School of Medicine.

Researchers identified a major obstacle to converting cells back to their youthful state—the speed of the cell cycle, or the time required for a cell to divide. When the cell cycle accelerates to a certain speed, the barriers that keep a cell’s fate on one path diminish. In such a state, cells are easily persuaded to change their identity and become pluripotent, or capable of becoming multiple cell types.

Stay with me… Allow me to rephrase.  When cell cycles gained Momentum, their barriers to staying the same thing diminished!  Once they gained Momentum they were easily persuaded to become any of multiple cell types.  WOW!

These pluripotent cells recover their innate ability to become any of the majority of cells types in the human body. This gives us vast potential for treating those affected by heart, muscle, blood or nerve cell disorders, burn victims, or any of the Autoimmune diseases.

stemcelladvancex250WBeautiful, isn’t it!  Yes, the Universe demonstrates again, Macro in the Micro, and vice-versa for ALL of us! The patterns seen under the microscope can also be seen and used by us larger lab rats as well.

I am an embryonic cell in the Consciousness Being.  You might be, too.  Heavy, isn’t it? 

Momentum at it’s finest!  When I increase my Momentum I gain Ability. Add some Inspiration, Listen to a Coach, Read or Watch a favorite Author, Appreciate, Feel Empowerment, Feel some Joy, change some Velocity, make a change in Your Mass (Thoughts) or Break some Inertia on a topic – however you do it – just do it.

Without an increase in Momentum, the scientists at Yale found “that cells that cycle more slowly remain blood cells.”  When I have no Passion, no Velocity, no Momentum propelling me to discover my own Greatness – that is when I remain the same.

Haifan Lin, director of the Yale Stem Cell Center, said this “reveals that a basic ‘house-keeping’ function of a cell, such as its cell cycle length, can actually have a major impact on switching the fate of a cell.

Do some “house-keeping”.  Create a major impact on your own “fate”.

As I always say, Momentum allows Orchestration. Add Velocity, Eagerness, Empowerment, Sense of Awe,or some Passion to your own life and become a Pluripotent Being. Direct what YOU become!

Be an embryonic cell that supports a healthy, expanding Universal Consciousness.


( Image – “Induced pluripotent stem cells—known as iPS cells, and which act very much like embryonic stem cells—are here growing into heart cells (blue) and nerve cells (green). Image: Gladstone Institutes/Chris Goodfellow”)

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  1. Enthusiasm and passion are the engine of growth, fulfillment and development – in a conscious way! Lover your post: We are the master of how we perceive life, of how we walk through life, but also of how fast we are willing to advance our personal evolution! Whatever we believe in is going to unfold! If we had enough faith, we could make even body parts grow again!

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