You’re Right and the whole Universe knows it!

I was driving down a long stretch of highway over the past weekend. Wait, this gets better…  It was gorgeous with all the Fall colors on the trees right now. However, there up ahead came some orange that no one ever wants to see.

Highway Warning Lights.  “Warning: Heavy Traffic 2 Miles Ahead. Expect Long Delays.”   Serious UGH!  Right?   (OK, so I didn’t have time to take a picture of that sign. I’m a little slow with camera while driving, but at least my texting is up to ten words a mile!… Just Kidding, kids)

So, quick decision. Bladder? Stomach? Timing? Fuel? Patience? – Check.  All good. (Interesting ranking of priorities, what can I say)  The exit after that sign was jammed with cars. No doubt a lot of people without things in check. I decided to run the gauntlet and push my optimistic luck. slow momentum and traffic in life

One mile done. No problem. Fingers still crossed. Two miles, no problem.  ?  Maybe I read the sign wrong, I thought to myself. Apparently the sign’s stuck on from something yesterday, or maybe someone’s just trying to make us all feel Lucky!  Fingers uncrossed, accelerator still mashed. Miles three, four and five all flew by. No problem. An easy smile relaxes across my face. OK, remember to go buy a lottery ticket today, I thought.

There about mile six and seven I could see large numbers of cars coming back on to the highway merge ramps from who knows how long ago. Fuel and stomachs all full, bladders mostly empty,no doubt.

As they merged into the quick, flowing quick traffic you could just imagine the pride in their thoughts. “Weren’t WE the smart ones!  I mean, we went and ate, took the bypass and avoided sitting in miles of frustrating traffic!  Hooray for us! We are so much smarter than these losers that are just now starting to race down the road again!  Yep, ALWAYS trust your gut!”  They practically throw their shoulders out of joint patting themselves on the back so proudly.

  • Both sets of driver’s listened to their Intuition and then Saw what they Believed.
  • Yet, each of them had a different experience.
  • All of them drove away believing they were right.
  • They were.

The Universe always provides ample evidence to support Your belief.  Your own perspective and “validity” will always be supported by “evidence” seen.

Just remember that the next time someone is telling you their version of anything. They’ve seen the same proof, that you have, just on a different pathway.

So, the question becomes – What do YOU want to see evidence of?



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