One degree may mean it all…

How would you like to see a small personal change make a larger positive overall difference in your life?  Slight effort = maximized effect.  The old adage about “An ounce of prevention worth a pound of Cure”  That’s just not your health, that’s your Life, too.

Like any great (or terrible!) golfer knows, one tiny Degree in Angle makes a huge difference over the Distance, and Time, that the golf ball travels.  If you’ve ever tried to make a lemon meringue, you also know the slightest variation in whipping the egg whites will change a heavenly dessert to hellish.  (now That’s sad..)

Check out an ice cube. What’s the difference between water and ice?  Only a small difference in the Momentum of atoms.  At 211 degrees Fahrenheit water is seen as a liquid. Add only one degree of heat to the Momentum of the atoms and you change water to vapor. In the other direction, if you slow down water molecules from 33F to 32F you’ll “slip” in a cold change from liquid to “solid”.

Sometimes a slight adjustment in Momentum creates an immense Visible Reaction. Bingo, there it is.

momentum and law of attractionOur lives are no different. So, start tiny, it’s easier. Decide a Momentum that you’d like to change and just slightly adjust it. Remember, that Momentum in Life = Mass (Thought) x Velocity (Time).

We can adjust the Velocity variable quite easily.

  1. Imagine positive thoughts more often.
  2. Reinforce Positive things I see or feel more times through the day.
  3. Pay attention to your mind chatter and redirect it more often.

We can also adjust our Mass (Thoughts).

  1. Picture a Supportive or Peaceful scenario instead of a fearful one.
  2. Actively focus or picture your Intentions.
  3. Change a Perspective to one more accepting of change and differences.

By utilizing either of these six small steps, you’ll initiate larger visible changes in your life. You’ll wonder which small effort was the catalyst when suddenly you see the desired changes. Only after you see the effect of the Momentum change do you know that you hit a needed threshold point.  But you can’t wait for a change to be seen, before you make the changes, right?  Matter always follows energy.

We may envision the change we want, and say “I want Steam, and all I have is water. It’s impossible and too much work.”  Do not quit!  Most of us are so close to threshold points in our lives that our own Momentum usually carries us over the point, if we just give it a chance. Keep on going!

More times than not, that one degree difference is a lot closer than we think!

Cross the threshold to a new Momentum in your life by offering just a Small adjustment. Remember that Momentum allows life’s orchestration.

You can be “frozen” in life, or you can be red hot. Orchestrate the small variables that give you the game score you like.


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