Be happy you’re Not the nose picker!

OK, maybe that’s not what everyone does with the “Index finger”, but each of our fingers has several purposes, right?

Ever admire your hand before? Take a look and admire yours no matter what they look like. Each of those digits you have has an individual talent of their own.

  1. Thumb – well known for texting, hitchiking, and allowing you to say something is “OK”.
  2. Pointer finger – excellent nose cleaner -(yes we CAN see you in your car!), mouse clicker, and all round favorite finger next to, of course, the ….
  3. Middle finger – when our mind can’t express frustration quick enough, this digit sure can, often TOO quickly.
  4. Ring finger – let’s people know your marriage situation and overall space filler.
  5. Pinky finger- balancer for the whole hand and lets people properly know I’m enjoying my cup of tea.

thanks to WikipediaLike a set of fingers, each of us have our talents. I’m glad I don’t have ALL pointer fingers, or all thumbs. Imagine trying to successfully do any task with five of any one of them.

Using the whole hand together, look at what you can do compared to just one finger’s strength.

When we use all of them together our strengths are multiplied. We can welcome or wave goodbye. We can lift or tear down. We can give or take. We can beat upon or massage. Together, the whole unit can Pray and heal.

Diversity, having different vantage points, is our advantage to solving Any problem. You don’t have to be an entire hand to have a solution, or to be a positive part of it.  We each bring our own perspective, strength, and power. Together we can solve anything.

Remember that, the next time you hear a thumb spouting Thumb rhetoric, if you’re a Pinky. When you feel someone loudly proclaiming Middle-finger views, just remember that all perspectives together create the solutions as well as the problems.

The middle finger never could say “You’re OK!” very well, (I wouldn’t try it!). Yet the thumb, or maybe a combination of  thumb and forefinger together in a circle can say it quite easily. For each perspective, ability, or “dis”ability, there is another perspective or ability that balances it.

By supporting each other, and honoring diversity, we gain the advantage of strength.



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