If you feel like you’re flying blind…

Don’t worry about your life. You are right on target. Even if you feel off course.

Have you ever read about an airplane’s path to any goal? On the computer it sure looks like a straight line, but, did you know that about 98% of the time in the sky the plane will NOT be directly facing its goal? Yet, it arrives (roughly) when it was supposed to. (Your luggage is whole different story!)

The plane will make a zig zag constantly across it’s heading, that averages out to be a straight line. It’s gyroscope will steer it back to the left when winds and other forces have pushed it to the right, and vice a versa. When you look at it’s actual flight path you will see thousands of adjustments over the course to its goal. Think of you going to the store. You’ll make many turns to get there, but you were never lost even though you may not have been facing the direction of the store most of the time you were driving, right?

momentum and zig zagSo, don’t worry that you may not see your goal. Use your feelings, as your gyroscope, to let you know if you’re off course or not, to guide you back to a “centered” path.  Superficial winds won’t bother you as they blow left and right. You have something deeper down that is a build in orientation and heading.

Almost daily we may feel “just off-course” a little. Perfect!  That just lets you know that you’re still on target, or you wouldn’t have that feeling. You will always have that innate guidance telling you something is ON or OFF course.

We all get a free trajectory in life. There’s no rush, you’ll get there. Look back at where you’ve already made it from! You made it out of diapers (I’ll assume), you’ve learned to walk, you’ve passed some huge milestones. Give yourself some credit and a pat on the back for what you’ve done already. You’re doing great!

Like any journey, there’s a lot of room for turns. Each is just a different set of circumstances that you get to experience. They are not Wrong or Right, they’re just Life. You are only discovering Your favorite path.


3 thoughts on “If you feel like you’re flying blind…

  1. Hi ! Thanks for dropping by on my blog, Open Heart Soulutions, and liking my post.
    I love what you’ve got going here. Most of the time I feel I am flying blind!!! Thank goodness that I also feel, most of the time, that I am right on target! Really liked this post, Mike!
    Love, Light, Peace


  2. Great post! I learned that flying blind is the best thing we can do in order to find the direction we are really meant to go towards. When flying blind, our minds are on standby and our hearts take over and lead us like an autopilot back on track! Sometimes we have to lose ourselves in order to find out who we are!

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