Clucking in the social media coop

Dear Reader – Allow me to ask you a question so I can learn from your perspective. Thanks!   First, let me tell you what initiated the question.

According to Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose”

  • the ego “Justifys, attacks, blames, defends its position…
  • “the ego will play a role to get what it needs- “material gain, a sense of power, superiority or specialness, or some kind of gratification be it physical or psychological.”
  • “there is nothing that strengthens the ego more than being right.”
  • “Awareness and ego cannot co-exist”
  • the truth, in any case, needs no defense. The light or sound does not care about what you or anybody else thinks.You are defending yourself…”

I would say I agree with those ideas, how ’bout you? Now, look at Social media. Yes, even including MY own blog, as well as everyone’s Facebook, Twitter, etc….

Law of Attraction and chicken coop social mediaScroll thru any Social Media and you’ll hear millions of chickens clucking. I am one of them, I can admit that.

So, when is clucking like a chicken warranted? You have learned, or created something (like a chicken that clucks when it lays an egg) and you want to share it. You build a platform so you can get YOUR learned message out there. Some people will learn from it. Most will only hear more clucking.

My Question – Is building a platform for any message just an EGO building exercise as a person shouts what they think is right?

I’ve learned a lot from others. I’m glad they shouted, wrote a book, gave a lecture, created a blog, a bible, a mandate, philosophy, or dharma . Their platform’s message helped me live a fuller life.  How can that be just a negative Ego practice of communicating what They Believe is right?

  • Like a state fair, every chicken has something to offer that is different from the other chickens. What’s wrong with letting the differences show, or being presented?  Like my website or yours?  Is that only Ego gratification?
  • Oprah built a platform. Eckhart built one too. They both have books and shows and even talk about each other.  Millions have lived richer lives because of both.

Yet, what kind of platform does the (ego-less) light, or sound or flower need?


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  1. This is a very good question!!! My respect! Honestly, I don’t know… I’d say, it depends on how focused the messages are on a person or how irrevocable it seems. I think everybody writes what they believe is true and right. It is subjective anyway – we have to be conscious about that. But wit lots of sayingsand post we can agree and feel the same. I also think that the ego is definitely present on everybody’s blog. But – and this is what I think is really important to consider – the ego is not only bad. We often need the ego in order to step forward. If we’d sit underneath a tree like Buddha and simply be (which is wonderful, peaceful and most liberating) it will take a lot longer to bring our message to the outside world. I wanna come that far to control my ego but I don’t wanna banish it completely. Without the ego I wouldn’t have my stubbornness which also helped me a lot in my past. I wanna be friend with my ego and let it out as soon as it helps me to step over my own bounderies (which the ego originally set). So I hope I can use it to the benefit of me and others in order to bring my message out and inspire others for new dimensions in themselves. My ego kept me from telling what I feel and I wanna use it to push me for overcoming my limits. I’d conclude my comment with this: We should be careful not to get driven by the ego but learn how to drive it! Through blogging I’d say we learn a lot from others how to come a little closer to that goal.


    • Thank you Erika. I was hoping to get many honest comments to reflect on so thanks. I’m having a hard time getting over the “inspire others for new dimensions in themselves…” part of all of it. I know what works for me, you know what works for me. It is just my ego trying to communicate what works for me, or trying to inspire you one way or the other isn’t it? Bringing OUR message to the world -after sitting under the tree- seems only to feed what I think, or to justify or build or exclaim MY experience. Just going thru some questions in my mind whether saying what MY experience is “right”. thanks for your input, I’ll definitely re-read and glean from YOUR perspective as well. 🙂 as always, I appreciate your honesty and clarity and time!!

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      • You know what? Reading your posts with your wonderful metaphoric explanations enables me to see clearer what I already felt. Everyone can only explain it in their personal way (resulting on their experiences, their history, …). Some readers feel the same, complete another part of their picture or actually kind of “remember” what they already knew. What we all can do is simply tell what we experience, what we feel as our truth and offer it. And I also love to read about your and other people’s perspective and get different things explained or the same things in a different way… and this is so important. There is a messenger for each one. That’s why it is so important that no one hides what he/she wants to tell in order to reach the people that connect with right those words! I mean ego or not ego: As long as we do what we do out of a place of love and excitement… it cannot be wrong! Actually nothing is wrong. Everything leads to development and insight. I think it is more ego driven to to think if our actions (and writings) are ego driven. Let it happen and love the opportunity of writing with all your heart… this is what we all love!


      • you write so well. thanks. yes it all comes from love and passion and excitement, and a desire to share. I will have to ruminate on this for a while. I’ve been thinking upon this question that I don’t have the answer to, and it’s an odd feeling- hence finally posting it. I so appreciate your words and thoughts. mikey

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      • To be honest, your post and replies really have made my thoughts turning. So very intersting. So one last comment which perhaps is interesting for you: When I am writing on my books and also on my posts, there is an amazing feeling of joy coming up and my fingers are not fast enough of typing the translating words of what I feel. It feels like a boost of happiness running through my veins. And I also experienced the oposite: When my father died two years ago I was in a state of shock for hours and days. Since it was so unexpected and he left fo much to take care of which overwhelmed me completely I was thrown into the materia as hard and as deep as I don’t remember any time of my life. I wasn’t able to write a single word. And when I tried to write on in the manuscript of my next book in the end I deleted everything, because there was no soul in it. Writing was hard and the reason was, that the channel was simply closed up. I was totally caught within the heaviness of the physical world and acted out of the mind (ego). When I realized that I was able to distance myself from the sad circumstances and stopped identifying with it. And believe it or not… the words flew in like a broken dam. I was writing with my ego and it did not work out! When the words and my joy of writing came back it was because I felt my Soul again.


      • thanks for sharing that. Yes, it seems like my Soul comes alive when I write as you’ve so well described. maybe it is just too much “logical” thinking trying to balance and interupt…. i appreciate you sharing with me some thoughts that will help me decide some actions. appreciate your views and voice!

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    • thanks, I appreciate the re-post. I’d be interested in your opinion of ego vs blog – if you wanted to share? as always, thanks for all your posts and opinions that you help circulate and share! 🙂


  2. An interesting question” Mikey” I like it! I have pondered somewhat similar thoughts and questions in my own search. I will say first that after reading Eckhart Tolles book “A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” – it was quite insightful and changed my way of thinking. Being in the present and in the moment is truly where I feel what he shared is true. The ego side of this question you ask is where I have mixed thoughts, in being who we are or in my case who I am in any given moment it seems that I would be promoting myself on any platform. Is that self my ego or is it who I am in the I am sense? I would say it is the I am and in my power of who and what I am in expressing myself it is not ego based. That I share is from the perspective of intent, the “clucking chicken”( the analogy makes me laugh by the way) as you said wishes perhaps to say I laid an egg. The Chicken has no “ego” it just shares naturally what it shares. The ego is a natural part of our human self so I often wrestle with some of what people express about our ego based being. I don’t think that when you promote your gifts of experience and your gifts of self expression to help others you are intending to boost your ego. Helping others is not a bad thing. If you are aware that you can help someone by expressing your thoughts and sharing your wisdom or what you learned from an experience I believe that you are contributing to the betterment of mankind or at least the individual you are reaching out to help. The choice of that individual to receive benefit from or allow that help is on them. The key for me is in the presentation… Is the one helping coming from a place of love and acceptance or is that person all knowing and jamming that help down someones throat? Love and acceptance are not ego based (or are they) yet the Jamming it down the throat.. Do this or else you will be like that for ever kind of thing is ego based or so it is how I perceive it.

    If we don’t promote or share our ideas in some way what is the point of having the gifts of expression and compassion? In being the me that I am I would say that it is our responsibility to express ourselves on any platform we are inspired to do so. Inspiration is not ego based it is based on awareness and clarity once we become conscious and aware or so it seems to be from my perspective. Eckhart Tolle and Oprah amongst many others were inspired to share and have done so, the fact they do so on many platforms and get paid well for doing so is not ego based it is spiritually inspired and the exchange is fair compensation for the value of what they share. How much is it worth to learn to be who you are and discover the I am part of you?

    Keep blogging and sharing and I hope you do so with the love and wisdom you shared in this carefully articulated post you chose to share.



    • Thank you so much!! for taking the time to write a coherent and helpful answer, Joe. your line ” I would say it is the I am and in my power of who and what I am in expressing myself it is not ego based.” makes me feel better because I believe what I want to share is just what I AM. I just vacillate between where the “forcing down throat” line is. a platform= no force. trying to build readers and captivate more readers= becomes IFFY region of forcing. some people would say just building the platform is “forcing” because no one needs to know what I have found works great for ME. Yes, I think we all want to share in good will, but is that “betterment” because what works for you so well may not for me. Just some thoughts, and I really appreciate you helping me wrestle with the idea. I posted to get some “instant” help with a “moral” problem/decision – and I really appreciate your time and “human-ness” to write and help a total stranger in their own path of growth and discovery – so again, thanks for your insights and caring for a stranger in the world. peace and happiness on your journey as well… (just giving your Time is a great Tool from your Toolbox today- so thanks!!)


  3. There are 2 different egos . The first one is the part we call arrogance and self preservation at the expense of anything else. We seek to become better people by deflating it and becoming selfless over selfish.

    But the ego in Freud’s model is something quite different: the super ego, the ego and the id. The super ego is the conscience and father that leads us to good and to control the raging id. The ego is merely our personality which is caught between the balancing power of the super ego and the evil, destructive, animal instincts of the id.


    • what no cartoon? thanks for stopping by and giving me a few more thoughts to stir in my decision making. I really do appreciate your time and words to help out!!! it’s kinda’ funny anyway, because they’re ALL labels on behavior that people just stick on. I just have a hard time grappling with is it arrogance to try to help – or offer – what works for me- to other people. Is offering IT- deflating the ego or unconsciously inflating it? Am I becoming Selfless, by sharing/platforming what has worked for my self? thanks again for your thoughts Carl. keep up the talents you have, and continued luck in your own fun journey. thanks – from a stranger that your insights have helped today. mikey


  4. Such an awesome question and one I ask myself so very often, Mikey.

    I think for me, I try to align the energy in me with a sharing or giving energy, an energy of service. I find that to take some doing, I cannot lie, but intention is #1 important for me. I want to be sure my work is an offering to support someone else’s growth and not a ‘right or wrong domination’ kind of energy, if that makes sense.

    I spend time aligning and checking in with where my work is coming from and what it is meant to do for the world. I can tell you do that, too, because you definitely help all of us a great deal. 🙂 And I thank you so much for that.

    There’s a lot of clucking true, but I have to believe that if your intention is service you will be shown the way to serve.

    I wish you much peace along your way, friend! Thank you for this thought provoking post.


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    • Thank you for stopping by and taking time to help a stranger with a decision, and a “spiritual” question. Yes, I agree – the whole spirit is Service and to help and to let Energy Uplift, but then I think “Service” is so independent for each person’s path, who am I to say or to even suggest a path to someone? Each finds their own when they are meant to. Maybe my logical brain is just trying to out manipulate my “letting it flow because of love” part of brain?? I like your statement ” if your intention is service you will be shown the way to serve.” THAT to mean sums it all up. THANK YOU!!! I honestly do thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. YOU are appreciated! mikey

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