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No, that’s not what builds a fence for Shetland Ponies. It means short and sweet today.momentum and bonsai

Ever nurture a bonsai tree?

The interesting thing is that they come from the same stock as the “normal” full sized, expansive trees.  The Secret  is root control, limb trimming and training.

  • By placing in a shallow container, the tap roots are limited to growth. This will control the growth of the tree.
  • The growth on the branches above are constantly trimmed back, so it remains small.
  • Sometimes copper wire or another constraint is used to shape the branches as they grow, to create a unique “contorted” appeal to them.

Don’t be a Bonsai. 

  • Allow your roots to grow. Provide yourself with unending depth for you to tap (sorry) into. Do not become stunted. You’ll need the strength, the nutrient and the water when winds, pollution, dry spells and other forces act on you.
  • Allow ALL your branches to grow. Not just the main trunk, or the top two or three that everyone likes, but all of yourself. If you feel like sprouting some crazy little off-shoot from some where- do it. Nurture it and let it grow!
  • Allow NO constraints to shape you. Never let someone else’s ideas, perceptions, or you own subconscious control and shape you into something you don’t like.

Be your own arborist.  Don’t treet (ouch,sorry) yourself like a bonsai.  Don’t sell yourself short (yup, I had to go there).

The world needs re-forestation. Allow your full potential. YOU can provide the oxygen the world needs.

5 thoughts on “Bonsai Post

  1. I sold our 2000 sq ft house with gardens in a divorce. Years later, on disability I live in a tiny studio. I picked it because it has ivy and flowers in the yard, swimming pool and is at the foot of the mountain. Life has made my world very small. I have most of my growing and I am into thinking more about things. I will always bend to the light and fertilize. My ambitions are few.


    • I am this week considering leaving a comfortable home, of 18 years, to try something new. probably mean a smaller house, and that security is always a hard thing to give away, BUT- the job would be so much easier and less pressure. tough and interesting choices to make- always in life, heh?


      • possible job with the state in another location. I’m looking for a job, and thought “I should take the security of the first one that comes along.” But I realized I was only looking at feeling scared and a sense of security, BUT not the Happy factor, so I declined. Thanks for stopping by, Mary.


  2. You make some interesting points here! Doing what truly satisfies your Soul can be a scary thing sometimes…and yes, sometimes it can mean dealing with uncertainty. It can mean making some difficult choices, and at times giving up some of your security in life. However, I believe that in the end, you will gain more from being truly fulfilled than you had to give up in order to get there!


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