Did you learn your Universal Powers?

It was not a comfortable scene at all. In fact, it was downright painful for my neighbor. My hands just fumbled as I tried my best but they just felt useless. With his heart racing, and trying to stay calm, my neighbor finally just shouted out in frustration, “Just give me the damn remote, and I’ll do it!”

Seconds later, he was like a concert pianist with four hands absolutely crushing it! He knew all the buttons, color codes, double layered features, and nuances that made that stupid piece of plastic make my TV do everything but make my dinner!  Ahhhh.law of attraction and momentum remote

Talk about Awe! I am still stunned by how easily his fingers danced and commanded those TV stations, functions, and web abilities out of the flat screen and into my life. My hero, my neighbor. Thanks!

The question becomes, why did I only use the On/Off and Volume buttons? I had the same remote he did, I had the same User Manual, I had the same intellect (don’t tell him I said that),  So, why couldn’t I do the same thing?

We all have the same capabilities. We all have unlimited resources to find what we want. So, when is the right time to step in and tell someone “just give me the damn remote, let me show you something!”  Is there a correct time? 

We all get to decide what we do with our Universal Life Remote.

  • Do we research and look for instructions? If so, which version of the instructions?
  • Do we struggle through trial and error to teach ourselves or quietly hope someone will intervene?
  • When do we struggle NOT to teach others when they appear to be stumbling?
  • Maybe we don’t even have the same TV after all, and your Function Controls wouldn’t even work on mine?


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