Semi-Precious Larvae

I used to work with Fish and Wildlife and saw these little guys quite a bit in streams. In fact, they’re found in most streams around the world. However, very few people have ever seen them like this!

caddis fly and momentumIncredibly creative, French artist Hubert Duprat has used the Caddis fly larvae to make jewelry. Wait, don’t get grossed out yet, there’s gold and semi-precious jewels involved!  Hold that nausea. Take a look at their little “sleeping bag” homes they create when supplied with gold flakes and semi-precious jewels instead of their usual building materials of sand and wood detritus found in stream beds.

Duprat teaches us a beautiful lesson about Adaptability. (Beautiful if you don’t look too close at the Caddis, that is.)

Life puts you in a particular stream.  Work with what you’re given!

I believe each of us is put into a different stream with different building materials. Regardless of the material that’s there, our talents can be expressed and needs will be met. Duprat says that he “creates the conditions necessary for the caddis to display their talents.”  That is life, my friends.  Co-create With Life.

The larvae may WANT what is in another Caddis larvae’s stream- like parts of twigs, plants or sand, but it creates with what it has.

You know what they say about “one man’s junk is another one’s treasure”- right?  Either way, all of us are given our own building materials to combine with our own abilities. What each of us builds will look different, unique and satisfy OUR individual needs.

The Caddis larvae that spends its time wishing it had different building materials doesn’t build, and becomes fish food rather quickly!

No matter if you’ve been supplied with pebbles and twigs, or turquoise and gold – you have unique talents to create your own masterpiece, your home and your life.

Definitely take two minutes (literally) out of your day to check out his incredibly clever idea and artwork!     Caddis Fly used in Jewellery:


6 thoughts on “Semi-Precious Larvae

  1. I love your wit and your positive attitudes. But what if you are given S*#t and you happen not to be a dung beetle. We are emotional beings. I say giving up sometimes is your only choice. Well until next time, I guess.


    • Excellent comment, I love it! I would only guess that Gold is as Useless to a caddis fly larvae as Manure is to something Not a dung beetle – YET it still uses its talent and nature to create. I love the science in you that sees those relationships, so cool. thanks for stopping by…. 🙂 mikey


  2. As a jewellery maker, I can do nothing but love this with all my heart! I had seen this jewellery before, but forgotten about it, and I had never seen that video. The way you frame this and draw the parallells with how we deal with our own life situation adds a deeper perspective. What a great reminder to “work with what you’re given”! A sort of survival instinct, to create what we have to create, no matter what.


    • thanks so much!! I gotta’ ask you, the pro, any ideas if the jewelry would sell?? I just think that once the ladies know how it was made, they wouldn’t want it..? The guy is ingenious for trying the idea. his other creations are also inspiring and original. you tube rocks! thanks for stopping by! 🙂 mikey


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