What size curd do You need?

I don’t like going to the store for my wife.  No matter what it is, I’ll screw it up and get the wrong thing. Every time.

“Pick up some cottage cheese when you’re at the store.” she said. “Easy one. No problem.”   I get to the store and PROBLEM!   Large curd? Small curd? (What’s a curd?) 2%? Low fat? 24oz or 12oz? Purple tub brand or the Yellow with flowers brand? Vanilla flavor enhanced? REALLY?  Where’s JUST “Cottage Cheese”?  Maybe it’s over in the dairy section with the 23 types of Milk.  I’m screwed.

hot sauce and law of attraction momentumEverything- built for me. (well, actually… built for MY money). I can find any flavor, style, color, size, ANY variation of Anything – EXACTLY AS I WANT IT.

What a luxury we have, and then forget.  Unfortunately, I believe that forgetfulness and extreme opulence, tends to carry over to how we think of everything in our lives.

Yes, I’ve asked for and received a seemingly endless selection of Cottage cheeses (or Hot sauces) but now what about my house, my job, my friends or my mate?  We start to look at all of those options, even People, in the same way as other commodities. 

If the job doesn’t have this pay, offer that promotion, or have this title….I’m not happy. If my friend doesn’t like this, respond like that, or offer such and such…. then I’ll not talk to them and talk to another. We go shopping for everything in life with a long list of “requirements” that must be met.

When every one of our specifics aren’t met, we wonder why aren’t we happy? “Why am I not getting the mate or the house or the cottage cheese, that I really want in my life?”

Somewhere along the way we’ve forgotten that it is a luxury to think those specific wants. We’ve forgotten that friends, mates, jobs, food -even cottage cheeses- are just nice to be able to have in our life. Look around and you will see what Abundance most of us live in. SMILE. RELAX. RECOGNIZE. SAVOR.

Today, I challenge you to just be Aware.

Maybe spend a whole day just appreciating that we do HAVE so many Possibilities in our lives. Don’t get upset that one of the details did not turn out exactly as you wished in your “commodity”.

The shopping is done, time to head home. So, which “Coffee” do I get on my way home?


6 thoughts on “What size curd do You need?

  1. Wonderful, very wise post! First day in America we went to a supemarket. My wife looked at all choices and started to cry. We realised how different our lives were in the USSR.


  2. AWESOME!! Life is often so “convenient” that people are wholly unprepared for it not being. Life is not pre packaged, convenient, and at your disposal.


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