7 things you Forgot about “Today”

True, but tired and worn out, the expression “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” is respectfully being retired. I’d like to offer a new spin on it – “Today is the Last day for your Memories.”

Right now, take a quick vacation and look back 10 or 20 or more years. Do you look back on when you were younger and smile? (Seriously, who doesn’t love the clothes and goofy hair cuts, right?)  Maybe later, pull out some photos to really help you remember…

  1. Wow, look how young I looked!
  2. I can’t believe I did THAT – I was so crazy, so brave! 
  3. Look at how flexible, how healthy, how smoothly my body moved back then!
  4. Remember how much time we spent doing, going, looking for ….?
  5. Remember how much energy, fun, playfulness, laughter…we had back then?
  6. I remember being so worried about such and such, and it never even happened!
  7. I sure did enjoy the subtle assumption that so much Life was still ahead of me. I loved wanting, discovering, looking for, and knowing I had time… 

    momentum mikey and law of attraction

    Halloween 1970

That same memory is being made Today!  The memory that will make you smile years from now, is in your hands to create and be aware of Today. 

You will probably look back and say those same seven things about this time in your life as well!  We just never think of “Today” in that same greatness as it is happening. But, most assuredly, the emotions from this time span in our life will be recalled and felt differently in the future!  No matter what our present age, we will always remember back when “Life was good”.

I’m talking about how will you FEEL when you pull up a memory that includes this time in your life, let’s say 2 or 10 or 20 years from today?  What are all of those Positive things in your life that you’ve habitually, or sub-consciously, “forgotten” to be Aware of as you live them today?

  • Refresh your Intention for Today.
  • Refresh it knowing that you’ll smile when you look back on this time in your life, for those same seven reasons you smile looking backward now.
  • Refresh your attitude about Today, as you realize how many incredibly great things you have working in your favor, and happening for you, right Now!!

Picture yourself older. Hear yourself saying “I remember when I was younger, I had so much…… Yup, Those were Good Times!”   Open your eyes and see that Good. It is Today!


9 thoughts on “7 things you Forgot about “Today”

  1. That’s a very interesting post. You know what? Sometimes when I arrive at a certain point in my life or with my family I often wonder: What will I think about today when I look back in 10 years? Or what may be unfolding consequences of what I am doing today? I love to look back and forth. It’s funny!


    • True, I find for myself that “what will I be thinking in 10 years?” will always be incorrect because my perception will be SO different then, I won’t have the same (or even similar!) perception as what I THOUGHT I’d be thinking in 10 years. clear as mud?
      It is fun and interesting though to see how I forget THESE are the Good times, especially with Health! I enjoy everyday that the liver, the kidneys, the “millions of things we don’t think about until they break!” keep working – without us even being aware of them… boggles my mind in appreciation! thanks for stopping by… 🙂 mikey

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  2. Yes, today is as good or better than yesterday, even though the 5 m’s at the U of I was really a fun and great time.


    • might have been more stressful then, and now looking back it’s nice to remember it differently than IN the Panic of it, I’ll bet. thanks for stopping by and for the costumes! 🙂 mikey


  3. Thank you for the push. It’s a sign for me. Not that 20 years or even tomorrow is a guarantee but since now is all that I have, I’d better make the best out of it.


    • thanks for the read. yeah, I wrote that to kind of remind (“push”) myself as well. just a reminder to look at the longer picture and to see all those good things present today. have a great one…. 🙂 mikey

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