The Law of Attraction according to Frogs

The Secret” should have been called The Secretions. But then who would have watched it, right? Gross!  Here, let some Frogs explain the truth.

We’ve all heard about the Poisonous Frogs that can kill with their secretions. You know just by looking at them – “Warning-something is unpleasant here.” Used by natives, the frog’s secretions are placed on an arrow’s tip, so when the tiny puncture doesn’t kill an animal, the secretion will.poison dart frog and law of attraction

Scientist have discovered that as Poison frogs change their diet their dangerous slime also changes!

One study by Scott Norris, as reported in National Geographic News, showed that as these frogs change their daily food intake, they change what they secrete. The Law of Attraction in Frogs. As they intake less vile substances, like alkanoids, their poisons emitted are reduced.  (Of course, there’s hundreds of studies that link Humans food and mood relationships as well.)

OK, so let’s get froggy and jump into it. What do you secrete?

Look around and find someone “stern”. He warns you visibly, like Mr. Frog, with body language and voice that says “I secrete something unpleasant, stay away!”  What we secrete, we concrete in our lives. Just as his permanent scowl has been concreted upon his face, showing that his story has been built upon taking in unpleasant things.

Most secretions are used and generated to allow critters to adapt to its environment. You can secrete Bile or Adrenaline to help you digest or to flee. An oyster or seashell can secrete calcium carbonate to protect and secure. And of course our frog friend Dendrobatidae (Poison Arrow frog) can secrete poison to easily kill a predator.  How does your in-take tell YOU to adapt to your environment? Do you feel you have to Protect?

When you change your “intake” of food or thoughts, your Adrenaline or Bile secretions change. Just like Mr poison frog.  What you consume is what determines what you create. An endless cycle. Secreted becomes concreted.

Give focus to what you Consume, or what you “take in” through your senses. Stop focusing on or absorbing negative, and you’ll be less toxic to others.  Others will respond differently to you then. A change in “diet” or intake must come first.

What does Your face and body language tell a stranger? What are you secreting? What has been concreted in your life?  Laugh lines, I hope. (though not too visibly, of course!)


7 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction according to Frogs

  1. What about that mask? People that grin ear to ear because they are consumed by people pleasing. I met yesterday with three people that “look” just great on the surface. I happen to know that one is “falling apart” in a divorce (How are you? Really good…every single time), one is told by her son of 17 she is a New Age phony and the other ate a quart of ice cream in 10 minutes at the parlor because he is diabetic free. Hogwash. Humans that are real can be just what they are. If I am not happy go lucky it is because I am sane.


    • excellent point, “Humans that are real can be just what they are.” some of them hide it, or are sad and try to be something they’re not and fake it. some of them are sad, some of them are happy. As long as they are being who they are, and know that they decide how they Respond, how they have control over how they Experience the world. thanks for stopping by… 🙂 mikey


  2. On the other hand, Hill makes the point “try smiling when you’re angry and see what happens.” It works, if you genuinely try. My feeling is ya, shit happens. But most of what makes us miserable is fear of what might happen next or dwelling on what happened in the past. We project and often bring our fears to fruition. If you I can force myself to stay in the moment, I realize I’m not actually in any immediate danger, it’s mostly perception. I’ve realized that if I can get into that neutral or state of “now”, it wakes me up and makes me grateful that I’m not in any immediate peril.

    If nothing else, there’s the Sister Hazel song, “Change Your Mind”. Sorry for going on so long. I used to be something of a shut in and at one time, riddled with panic attacks. Now I avoid misery and miserable people (not to be confused with depressed people) as much as possible.


    • thanks for expressing, its WHY I post, to see other’s opinions and perceptions. “try smiling while youre upset” works – because you CAN – yes- you CAN secrete NEW anytime you want! only old repeated becomes Concreted. Perception is REALIZING that we can change our secretions and “concretions” at any point. I’m happy for you that you have let the old story of panic attacks go, and found a new story to tell for yourself – “Now I avoid misery and miserable people.” I’m sure the smile and joy in your heart is thrilled to make it’s way to the surface. thank you so much for stopping by and writing true honest feelings to share. be joyful and share… 🙂 mikey

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  3. A very interesting and perceptive post and one that ties a lot in with what the seers of yore have told us. What you put into your mind – so does it get coloured. We consume with our eyes and nose and ears and touch – it is ”food” – that colours our minds and health and bodies! And yet day after day we poison ourselves and then unknowingly poison our lives and those around us. So yes I totally relate to what you say here. Thank you for sharing!


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