The Secret to “Life’s A Drag”

In honor of all you travelers this week…

Momentum, Science & the Law of Attraction

Sitting here and enjoying my drink, my seat suddenly begins to shimmy a little, and then shake a little more. I grab my drink.

The airplane has changed directions and slowed down as we make our final approach to our destination.   We’ve all been there and felt that sudden change in Momentum.

Have you ever actually wondered about HOW an airplane slows down? Where are its brakes?

Heading for Umbrella Drinks.. Brakes? Against what?

We don’t “see” what an airplane is creating friction against. We have to use our brains, or luckily – let the experts use theirs!   (I’ll have another drink, thank-you.)

Science has learned about the forces needed for flight, such as lift, weight, thrust and drag.  By adjusting the wing louvers, and slowing down air over the top of the wing, the plane increases its drag, and it slows down.

The plane experiences a resistance to flow and a loss…

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