when the glass breaks…

In loving memory of you, Dad…

Each of us is only a glass, a container. What flows from us IS the expansion of the Universe. The glass is not the gift, what flows out, is. That is what each of us offers the world.

Let it continue to flow

Let it continue to flow

As my Dad called it; he “relocated” today.  I’m thinking about his life, and what he believed in, and how beautifully his own expansion carries on. Not just his personal energy now expanding into a different realm, but also all of his desires and passions while here. Thru each of his five kids his own expansion continues to flow. Through every life he touched, his momentum continues.

His oldest son, who followed in the same line of work, amazed and allowed Dad to see things done with technology that Dad could only have dreamed of when he began his career.  It is Dad’s love of protecting people, mechanics and creating from ideas that continues to flow out. Dad’s love for family, and lessons in patience continue to flow thru his eldest son as well.

His oldest daughter continues his desire to teach people how to become economically secure, and to be be generous to those not so secure.  She also carries his desires to lovingly hold a family together thru activities together. It is with great momentum that those energies still flow thru his oldest daughter.

Then there’s the middle kid, myself. Dad’s desire to see people feel good about themselves continues to expand thru me.

The next daughter continues to flow my dad’s desire’s to raise a family in the way one wishes to. To be creative, unique and to do what you believe is right, regardless of other’s opinions.

That brings us to the youngest in the family who allow’s Dad’s love of seeking Justice for those that need a voice. She also further’s the expansion of Dad’s love of raising a family in a way that holds true to your heart regardless of other’s opinions.

Regardless of not knowing my dad, or any of his kids, it is a beautiful lesson to know that ones’ personal evolution and desires, love and momentum will carry on.  The good things that the world needs come forth when we just allow them to Flow through each of us.

The glass, the container, is short lived and a physical something to hold and to touch and to look at,  but the Greatness from those vessels is always what we truly Loved and Needed and FELT.

Dad, the vessel may be broken, but your expansion continues to flow. Your desires for Kindness thru Service to others, Justice, Education and Knowledge, Humor, Family and Conviction in your own Beliefs,will continue to expand and provide nourishment.  Thank you, Dad.  The world DID become a better place because of you.

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  1. Mike,
    Your father must have been very proud of all of you. Please accept my condolences. You and yours are in my prayers.


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