Do you FEEL good – or not?

I felt so good during my meditation, and while appreciating the nature the other day. Now, I feel like crap.

What happened?  Blame the Doppler Effect…

Ever notice that the sound of an approaching police or ambulance siren seems to be higher as it approaches you, and then sounds lower as it (thankfully) continues past you? It even has a different shrill sound as it passes right by you.  Why? The siren stayed the same didn’t it?

The Answer – (uh oh, it’s The “F” word again) – Frequency.  When you “hear” a siren approaching, you are merely translating wavelengths of energy and it is only your translation of the moving siren frequencies that creates the differences in sound.

Thanks to an Austrian physicist Christian Doppler in 1842, we now know it (Oh the rights of discovery!) – as the Doppler Effect. Yes, it is the same Doppler effect that is used in weather prediction, police radar, military sonar, the study of blood flow, ultra-sound examinations, astronomy, and used in food foraging abilities in some bats.

Doppler Effect and Law of Attraction

I like to think that we don’t limit it to just those sciences, but that WE also use it innately to attain Joy, Better Life, Clear Thoughts and an Empowered Life. Like a bat, we use it to find FOOD for our Spirit.  Read on…

See, Doppler explained it this way. There is a “difference between the observed frequency and the emitted frequency of a wave”.   He went on to note that “the frequency is only translated as identical to the source at the instant it passes by.”  

STOP and re-read that last sentence from 172 years ago.

So, the Frequency you Experience, depends upon your Distance, aka spatial resistance, to the Source (siren) of the Energy. We label this frequency experience in response to a siren as the “sense of hearing“.  It sounds different. 

We label the Frequency Experience in response to a Higher Energy Source – pick your own label – as Emotions.  It feels different.

It is only our perception of this Higher Energy Source that changes.  As you Meditate, or Love, or Appreciate, or as Joseph Campbell said “Follow your Bliss” – you are closer to the Source and you FEEL more like the actual Frequency that Exists.

As spatial differences increase between you and the Source of All Frequencies, your translation FEELS less like the Source’s actual Frequency.  aka…You feel like crap.

The Concentrated, Pure, ALL THAT IS, Source Energy will sound, look, feel, (whatever sensory Label you want to use) different to you, dependent upon “where” YOU focus YOURSELF in this instant. Period.

What you Hear or Feel depends upon “where” YOU are.