The Universe Isn’t Listening to You…

 “Turn Left here,” she said as she pointed Right.  I turned Right.  Good job.

Like any good listener, I ignored her words, and did what she Wanted, NOT what she said.

The Universe does the same. The words we utter in asking, begging, inquiring, thanking or cursing all fall on deaf ears.

NEWS FLASH –  The Universe has no ears. Why would it?

IF the Universal Source Energy, (Chi, Prana, Yesod, God – you pick a Label you feel comfortable with) had ears what would it hear?

law of attraction wolf howl to attract

  • Would it only hear one language?
  • Would it listen to the language of the lonely wolf howling, or only the words of the whale trying to find a mate across miles of ocean?
  • Would it only hear the words of the most Holy Person, or the most Needy, or the most Grateful?  
  • Would it have to hear ALL sounds vocalized by everything? 

Do you think the Universal Energy responds only to what we call, and what we create, as Sound waves?  Or do you think the Universe responds to a different frequency? 

Is the silent prayer powerless against a spoken one?

The empty repetition of Affirmations, the emotionless reciting of Prayers, or the shallow verbal expression of Words – they are all for Ears only.  It is the Emotion behind those prayers, affirmations and thoughts that have transmitted value.

Just like the part of Energy that resides in us. We may hear a wolf or a whale’s sound, but who does not FEEL something in it?  As Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., a renowned cell biologist, says, “Energy is more effective at controlling Biology than molecules.”

The sound wave is nothing but molecules vibrating, but the power is in the energy, the emotion, that created the sound.

Be aware of ALL your communications. Be aware of ALL communications coming to you as well. They aren’t in spoken words either!

Feel for what you’re seeking. Be receptive and feel for what is constantly being offered back to you in return. 

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  1. I love these words

    Feel for what you’re seeking. Be receptive and feel for what is constantly being offered back to you in return.

    Peace Gloria


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