Be happy you’re Not the nose picker!

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OK, maybe that’s not what everyone does with the “Index finger”, but each of our fingers has several purposes, right?

Ever admire your hand before? Take a look and admire yours no matter what they look like. Each of those digits you have has an individual talent of their own.

  1. Thumb – well known for texting, hitchiking, and allowing you to say something is “OK”.
  2. Pointer finger – excellent nose cleaner -(yes we CAN see you in your car!), mouse clicker, and all round favorite finger next to, of course, the ….
  3. Middle finger – when our mind can’t express frustration quick enough, this digit sure can, often TOO quickly.
  4. Ring finger – let’s people know your marriage situation and overall space filler.
  5. Pinky finger- balancer for the whole hand and lets people properly know I’m enjoying my cup of tea.

thanks to WikipediaLike a set of fingers, each of us have…

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2 thoughts on “Be happy you’re Not the nose picker!

  1. Mike,

    The blog was closed for comments so here is mine! 🙂

    I think it is the similarities of the fingers and thumb on a hand that make it successful. The strength of the hand comes from its ability to combine the energies of like thinking appendages to perform a task. The inclusion of an extra thumb or finger for the sake of diversity and not a consonant objective will weaken the hand.

    Best regards,


    Bruce Higdon, MBA


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    253.302.8489 – fax


    • incredible thought.! thanks! so I guess the question becomes When is something “extra”, and WHO’s objective determines the need of it? It comes down to Momentum. That Momentum of Like Energy will always Build- what ever it is – wanted or not. I love when a thought makes me think and feel for MORE, not just a thought for diversity sake,like you said, but for the same objective- a continued better appreciation of Life. Take it easy Professor Bruce, keep on teaching! Mikey


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