Yes, the leaves will fall, but….

As the leaves fall, they inspire me. The cycle of energy continues true enough.

Isn’t it easy to see how the Tree is better off for the leaf that existed?  The next generation will be better off because this generation existed. The Tree will grow and expand from what these leaves made possible.

The leaf fed something seemingly Infinite and Eternal – compared to its own short physical existence. Yet the Tree could not exist or expand without it.  Do you think the Tree saw the leaf as a leaf, thru temporarily binocular vision?  Or do you think the eternal Tree FELT the presence, and felt the expansion each leaf allowed and created?


Do you think the atoms in the falling leaf mind that they are soon to be used as nutrients in a different shape?  They will come back as Energy to build something else. Can you feel how the atoms may not care about the short-term shape they’re in?

The leaf expanded because of the interaction with the atoms, and the atoms experienced something different while being a leaf.

The links are as endless as they are real. Do you see how maybe a forested area might feel about a single tree? Or maybe the earth might feel about a particular forested area?   Or maybe how a star might appreciate what planets do for it?

Or maybe – how the Universe silently Appreciates and Feels what YOU do for it?

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