We label and talk with illusions but LIVE what IS.

Around 4,700 years ago, The Buddha discussed the Secret of the ancients  “We are what we think”.  What you give your focus to, creates your world.

2,700 years later, another teacher expressed “Do unto others as you would have done to you”.   Sound more familiar?  As you see and treat people, so it comes back to you.

In about 45AD  the phrase “As you sow, so shall you reap” came about.

Over 6,000 years of advice regarding a type of continuation of energy. Like attracts like.

As technology increased our ability to look into smaller parts of our physical realm, the greats like Newton, Maxwell and Einstein all found similar descriptions, when turning from Macro to Micro. In the late 1800’s, in fact, Maxwell said that “If there was a difference between the speed of rotation of neighboring vortices, then forces were exerted and states of stress arose.” 

Just another way of discussing and labeling the same Universal Vibrational Energy.

law of attraction and momentum are just words

Love and Goodness regardless of words….

People and energies that vibrate the same, tend to be drawn to each other.

Still today, after hundreds of thousands of YEARS, we still try to understand and label with OUR own current Labels and Technology and Perception – the truth behind Life.

I would like to think that most of us realize that we are no different than any other generation thru history – that thought they had it all figured out.

No – the Earth is not the center of the Universe, smoking is NOT good for your skin, Leeches do NOT solve headaches and arthritis, the Gene does NOT control who you become, electrons are NOT the smallest particle that make up things (just as Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit were NOT), Gods do not drive the sun across the sky in a chariot daily, and on and on and on. Expansion in comprehension, and new labels, will never stop.

I believe Satprem said it best – “It’s extraordinary how all our science (and religion) is just “beside the point”, a kind of mechanical caricature of “something” that totally escapes it.”  

My caricature, an illusion, a mere shadow of WHAT IS, (Science or Religion), is just a historical and temporary understanding.

My “mechanical caricature” of the whole Energy cycle is Momentum.  Whether you are “Thinking”, “Doing unto others”, “Sewing/Reaping” or “exerting forces against another vibration” – that same experience will continue to grow and gain Force. Everything expands.

The question becomes a basic one of –  Does my own personal shadow that I look at-provide the Momentum  in a favorable direction?