Yoda says – Sponge, you must be.

Ever grab an old dried up sponge when you went to soak up a spill? What happened – NOTHING!-  Stupid thing just sat there and spread the water more!   The dried up thing was useless. Why? – Law of Attraction,of course!    Geez, Mike really, c’mon!

Add a little moisture into the sponge, pre-pave the way for MORE moisture, and the sponge will draw in more. Like rain waters racing across dry ground, nothing gets absorbed because the soil repels what it doesn’t have- what it isn’t “like”.

dry cliff in Oregon before water runs OFF

dry cliff in Oregon before water runs OFF

Remember trying to get that first job you wanted, “NO experience? – Sorry-not hiring”.

How bout a loan?  – “You’ve got no $, no collateral, sorry.”  We’ve all heard it takes money to make money, right?

What do you think a seed is?  It’s just a little physical dab of something to prepave the way for more.

Are you In a nasty mood or just not getting your joy on?  Pre-pave YOUR SELF.   Most therapists and spiritual leaders will agree if you’re feeling unappreciated or depressed go  Volunteer somewhere. Do something for someone else, and FEEL what YOU absorb.

Want to feel more Meaning and Peace in your life? Like the Buddhists say, “You can only see your face clearly when the water is still.”   Add just 20 minutes a day of Quiet Time, Meditation, Listening – whatever works for you in your own style – and Enjoy the amount of Peace and Calmness that will be absorbed the rest of the day, though you may be “busy”.

“Be the Change you Want to See” – its more than just a current “earth-freindly- green” bumper sticker.  It’s Law of Attraction. Its Momentum. Its just the way the Universe Flows, baby.

So- go get soaked.  Soak yourself in what you want to see come back to you.

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    • nice to hear from you again as well. you’ve said it better than I did- tension prevents bonding. good point. And we all just keep learning and growing and expanding. Be well and glad to hear from you. Mikey


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