Who says size matters?

A 1 inch mushroom in the forest.

A 1 inch mushroom in the forest.



If you’re only looking for TREES, you’ll miss thousands of smaller joys in the forest of life.



drug shroom

2 inch mushrooms


Don’t forget to Appreciate every little thing you are blessed with today. Be in AWE and what is possible, and happens, without our control.





Remember that even an EMOTIONAL Feeling can be a small, but bright gift to you sometimes.


algae shroom

beautiful lichens growing on forest floor.





The strangest things that happen can be the best!  Rarely do we know the hows and details, and yet LIFE unfolds for us.



Expect the Trees, but don’t forget to Appreciate ALL the little things that cross your path as you wind thru your own forest.

Barely 3 inches tall, but just beautiful!

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